Sunday, April 26, 2009

A first for some time....

60 min run - well 63 min - 7 miles 9 min avg

I decided to try to extend my run duration today. I've been at 30-40 mins (3-4.5 miles) every 2-3 days for the last two weeks, today I was going to attempt 60 mins. I've been yearning for a trail run for the longest time. Two choices came to mind, Leif Erickson or one of many mile markers along the Wildwood Trail. I wanted to do Wildwood more then anything but in the end choose Leif. I knew if something seriously went wrong with my leg there would be someone along the trail that could help, where as with Wildwood I may be stuck out there along for some time. The other reason was the terrain. I have lost all my agility strength from running. I knew my calves and ankles would hurt during the run (in a good way of course) and since I was adding duration/distance to the run I didn't want to make it too difficult. So Leif Erickson it was. The run started out slow....well it didn't just start but stayed pretty slow the whole time. I feel like I lost a lot of efficiency but then again I was on run uphill on a trail so who really knows. I made it out 33 mins and turned around after I taped mile marker 3.5. Can I just express how nice it was to run through the forrest? It was overcast but I felt as if the sky had opened up and the sunny was shinning down upon me. I was sooooooo happy to me running. My leg felt pretty good until I hit the last 2 mile stretch which was all downhill. The pain was at the injury spot and sort of around the back of the calf, I also felt pain in my hip and glut on the same leg. I think my IT was flaring up again. As I finished I stretched and iced. Pain went away within 30 mins :)

I recovered at Elephants with oatmeal, breakfast florentine sandwich and coffee. I'd only ever recommend getting the coffee :(

I then made it over to gym and got part 2 of my LSD run workout in -
2 hours - LSD aqua run

After running through the forrest this aqua run was the most mind numbing thing I could do. The entire time I was completely zoned out. I can't wait until I can do my whole LSD run work on the road or the train or ANYWHERE but the water.
Regardless I got a 3 hour run in today and I am now satisfied.

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Bryan said...

Nicely done, Kat. Us boys ran through the Wildwood this morning, and Joe related how tough your cyclng jaunt was yesterday - at least, according to his wattage reports. Long distance and little pain is pretty good gain. More mileage is better mileage. :0)