Monday, April 27, 2009

Is it really Monday?

What happened to the weekend?

I woke up 15 mins before the alarm. I slept well, my mind was body on the other hand, well my body was thrashed. I stood up out of bed and almost fell over. My hamstrings we sore and tight and didn't want to support my body. My lats ached and burned as I stretched from side to side. If it was possible for limps to run away from the core of the body mine would have done so as they ached so bad I thought they were screaming at me. 90 min recovery spin, all I needed to do was get on the bike and pedal, all would be ok after. This is what I told myself, and it worked.

90 mins - recovery spin - avging 133 easy watts. I was disappointed that I ended my last disc of Ugly Betty 40 minutes in :( Must go on to a new series. I think Lost is next on my Netflix playlist. I'm going to miss that b$%@$# Wilhelmina, the backstabbing but oh so hot Alexis AKA Alex, man-whore Daniel, girl you know you hated in high school - Amanada, crazy flamboyant Mark, crazy "Jenny from the block" Hilda and oh so lovable Betty. I'm hoping I fall in love with Lost the same way.
Anywho - spin felt good and made my legs feel even better

My lats on the over hand continued to yell at me all day. I shit you not - everytime I aqua run for 2 hours it feels as if someone threw me again a wall - and not in the good way.

Evening swim

500 warm up

1 x 250 buoy; 10
1 x 250 paddles; 10
repeat 1 x

1 x 50 - one arm glide; alternate per 25;10
2 x 50 - catch up alternating 25 finger drag; 10
repeat 1 x
2 x 100 - 25-a-ok, 25-fist, 25 karate, 25 free; 15

Main set
3 x 300s on 5:15 - ending 4:45, 4:50

Cool down - 200

Total yardage - 3100

Lats still are not happy with me. I'm tellin them to HTFU but they're not tryin to hear it.

Recovered with good company, good food and a mighty fine hard apple cider. Thanks Joe!

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