Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick weekend recap

Saturday - 40 mile bike/40 min run (on land!)

*Rode out from NW AL, 2 loops around Sauvie pushing threshold -200-250 watts. I was able to maintain the power BUT I felt like complete crap-ola and my HR was 5-10 bpm higher then when I did this same workout 3 weeks ago. What's the difference? The workout 3 weeks ago was the end of week 1 of my 3 week build, this workout was the end of week 3 of the 3 week build rounding off 16.5 hours of training. My body is still adapting to the volume increase along with trying to fit in 3-4 high intensity/power builds and a healing fractured fibula. But even through I felt like shit, I still preformed = power does not lie. Post ride I slipped on my Nike running flats and hit the road for a brick. I can run every couple of days so I figure since running off the bike has no bone impact difference then running in general I should get acclimated to bricking it again. Let me tell you - this run was fan-f%#%ing-tastic! FIRST run since injury I had zero leg pain, go me. I ran easy with the sun on my face and the wind at my back for 40 mins. My runners high eliminated the crappy feeling from the bike

*4-5pm and I started to hit a wall, one of many for the night...Oscar made several brief appearances
*Water, alcoholic beverage, water, water, alcoholic beverage, .....repeat a few times :)
*Plastic eye candy, poorly ventilated basement dance floor, crotch shots? (omg, did I just see that? wtf?) drunk girls falling over each other, laughs with good friends, 1 am breakfast, idiot/jackass cab driver - which I will be reporting, run in with the police and a looooooong drive home to finally fall sound asleep come 3:30am.

Sunday - Post 5 hours sleep I awoke to the beautiful sun gleaming through my window. Vitamin D says it is time for another bike ride. Today's goal - Practice nutrition, extend distance, pace and stay in recovery mode - mission completed. Today I rode my longest ride this season ending off with 70 miles in 4.25 hours. Nutrition was on point, stayed with CarboPro and Salt Sticks with the occasional GU on an as needed basis. Stayed ahead of nutrition, never bonked and tummy stayed happy. I was really proud of myself for not trying to push it all today. I know my wattage well and know what I can and can't handle and for how long. I used my small ring (unfamiliar territory for me) on over half the hills, spinning each one out comfortably. When I finished the ride my upper body was sore. One from having a sun burned back and two being in aero for so long. It's odd that it's such a comfortable position yet makes you sore. My legs on the hand, they were not sore :) Which means I hit the hills as I should. Avg wattage for the 70 miles ended up at 138 - a true recovery ride. :) Thanks Don for helping with recovery and allowing me to draft to conserve energy.

I'm learning more and more about myself each week.

NOW as of TODAY I enter into recovery week! SOOOOO looking forward to it. Easy workouts all week and two whole days off! YAY!!!!

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