Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pilates, Stinging Nettle during Tempo and Open Water Swim, what a day!

AM - 20 min Pilates core, 10 mins foam roller/stick. Quads hurt a bit from the climb last night.

Noon - 60 min Pilates class. Should not have done 20 mins of core this morning. My abs were screaming at me and I'm sure my ribs will feel brusied tomorrow. I have huge knots at the tops of my quads...Pilates did not help that damn hill bike ride from yesterday.

Evening - 7 mile tempo run
10 min easy warm up. I ran in an area I wasn't familiar with. I was trying to find a 5k trail and thought it might have been off road. So there I go running through the "backwoods" of Klineline park. At first it was pretty cool. I was ducking and dodging roots and trees, running around bushes, untill........I got attacked by stinging nettle. ^%#%@%^%@(!!!!!!! I got hit on my right calf, my left quad high up and my right shoulder/arm. Frickening-A! My limbs started stinging. I said screw this and booked it back on to the road where I eventually ran into the beginning of the 5k trail head. I looked down and I had red spots inflamed where I was hit. My body stung and I wasn't going to stop running so I just used it as fuel to pick up tempo. I figured if my energy was tapped or my legs hurt from going fast it would distract from the stinging pain I was experiencing. It worked....for the 20 min tempo, then I had to slow my HR down and finish slow. This sucked ass.
I kept asking myself..."How bad do you want it?" I wanted it bad enough to make myself do the workout I had planned and go slow. The old Kat would have said "**** it" and would have gone balls to the wall for the remaining duration, which would have turned said workout into "junk miles." I'm proud of myself for this.

Open Water Swim
Post run I jumped into my wetsuit and then jumped into Klineline. Brrr, just a bit chilly and the cold was bringing out the stinging sensations...that our the wetsuit hugging my damn body. I immediately started swimming trying to get worked. I swam 2 laps around Klineline which I think comes to 800-1000 meters. The swim felt good. I <3 my new sleeveless wetsuit, it allows so much more movement in my shoulders/arms. I'm still not super fast, but I don't feel lethargic and slow either. I feel comfortable breathing and my stroke feels strong. Again, no open water shock

Tonight I'm tired....but yet a happy Kat.
BTW, I'm still stinging. I hope this goes away soon

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