Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wedesday morning swim/evening Ride

Wednesday AM Team Swim - part 1

350 warm up
25 x 10; fast; 10 sec recovery
200 x 1; easy
25 x 4; high elbows

2100 swim set (1.2 mile) with partner; passing every 100.

Total yardage 2950

Swim felt fantastic today! I had a great partner to swim my 2100 with. We paced each other well, passed successfully and she even had a little fun pulling my leg down as she passed creating open water simulation. I was not tired from this swim which makes me feel confident about race day.

Wednesday Evening - Part 2
West hills bike ride/10 min run

I had a desire to conquer a certain said hill/road tonight. Sadly it had been raining since noon and this put a lot of doubt in my mind about riding. Not because I'm a little ***** and scared to ride in some cold wet rain but I'm a little ***** and scared to descend in the cold wet rain. After a few emails back and forth I decided to do the ride anyway. My heart was set on climbing and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? Lol, those will be my last words one day I know it.
Opted to do this ride
I was intending to do Logie Trail which I think had a little over 200-250 ft more of elevation climbing in the same distance but with time and rain not on our side I'm saving it for another day.
I met up with a Chris, Uwe and Carl and we headed out....great again I'm the only girl, which means more then likely I will get dropped, oh well.
Heading out along highway 30 it was wet with lots of traffic which includes stupid large semi's that come VERY close to you. I wasn't really cold, too busy pedaling along the way. We hit Newberry (the climb) and I strip down to my tri suit, I knew I'd be getting hot and I was right. I had never done this road before so I wasn't sure what to expect on fatigue levels.
Here's a link to the climb
The first mile was the worst...which I think I handled well since I was talking and singing along the way up....although my heavy breathing did take over at one point when my HR got up to 185 and I was anaerobic, thinking that was at the max grade point 15.49%. At the top of the hill we hit rollers along skyline for the next 20 minutes or so and then had to descent :gulp: It started getting chilly so I put back on all my borrowed jackets (thanks guys ). The way down I broke pretty hard and wouldn't let myself get above 20 mph. I hope this fear one day will go away. Chris was awesome and waited at several points coming down the road....just to make sure I didn't die on the way down. Now that's a team mate! We arrive back at the start, do a quick little transition and then we're off for a 10 min run. Oh my goodness. My feet were numb solid from the cold. It was REALLY difficult to get into a good run. My stride was really off, I couldn't feel my feet. Oh well, that's the reason we do this, to get acclaimed.

Overall I was VERY happy with this ride. I felt really good on the hill going up. We only really got "rained on" out on Hwy 30. I didn't die on the descent and I finished on a run when I couldn't feel my legs. I think this workout was more mental then physical....that can be a very good thing.

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