Sunday, May 18, 2008

Running, BBQs and dancing

*Disclaimer ~ This weekend summary is written under a heavy hangover. I am not responsible for typo's or proper grammar.....or really anything else.

Saturday - 3 hour LSD run at The Wildwood Trails.

Team start up time was 7:30am. Thank God because it was going to be another 90+ degree day out. The agenda was to run the Wildwood trail out 90 mins or 9 miles, whichever came first and then come back. I wanted to do the full 18 miles and for some odd reason thought I would have no problem doing so, even though my longest run of this season has only been 14 1/2. Hmmm. I've come to run without the Ipod. I think it's important that I spend my time focusing on my form/tempo and mental aspects then have them washed away with music. I was planning on running with Ms. Jenny, but of course superwoman is a tad to quick for me so I fell back with the second group; Robbie, Mike and Jason. Again I must say I am very fortunate to live in a city that has a forrest in the middle of it. The run was absolutely breath taking...and not because I was running . The sun was shinning, I was surrounded by over grown greenery and flowers blooming. For the first 1/2 of the run I conversed with the boys about race day goals, strategies and fears. 90 mins in and we hit 8 1/4 miles. It was starting to get hot and we all looked like we had taken showers in our own sweat...Ewwwww. We decided to turn around at this point, which would make our run 16.5 miles. I am very happy we did this. The 2nd half of the run appeared to be more difficult. I think we had more ascents but I'm not certain. It was getting hot and my body was feeling it. Our conversations changed from race talk onto food and movies. It's funny how on every run I talk about food. Ok, maybe not just runs but swims and bikes to. What can I say, food is my favorite topic. 5 miles to go and I run out of water, ugh, thankfully we are only a mile away from our aid station. Super captain Lindsay had ice cold waters at the aid station, water has never tasted so good. Refilled my bottle, took down a mini lara bar (coconut cream pie, mmm, mmm, good) and took off to finish the last 4 miles. I was really trying not to talk during the last 2 miles. The heat had caught up with me. My feet felt hot and swollen, I had blisters from the trail, and I was just fatigued and dehydrated. I need to work more on my sodium intake. I thought I had done good prep work before the run. The night prior I drank lots of water and ate well. I woke up 3 hours prior to running, drank a lot and took in some electrolyte pills and a banana. 1/2 way through the run I took more electrolyte pills....but obviously I didn't take enough. I will try a .5 multiple on my next heated workout and see if that helps; I hate being a sweater. I was so happy to run the last end part with Bob. He helped me keep my mind positive by talking about his training experiences. 3 hours later, 16.5 miles done! Walter was genius for bringing a cooler full of soda. Cold Root Beer tasted so good! Overall my body felt pretty good, body pain or digestive issues....I just need to tackle this little issue I'm having with heat.

Post run I went home and got a nice short 45 min nap in. Cooked a bit and then headed out to Dave's BBQ fund raiser with Kristie. Always a fun time with TNT peps. Around 10ish Kristie and I headed over to Bettie Ford's. I got a free VIP party. I haven't been out dancing in what feels like ages. I think Colleen's sour cream experience was the last time, love ya girl. So it's been a good 2-3 months. A few team mates joined us along with some of my girlfriends I haven't seen in ages. It was a fun and crazy night. I could kill Shannon for buying endless bottles of Champagne. I had one too many glasses. Thanks Kristie for being the "responsible" one for not drinking too much and driving us home. The 20 yr old you caught was HOT too, kind of jealous girl. I had the urge for Taco Bell on the way home. It had been 6 hours since I ate (wait I did have a 150 cal balance bar around 1am) and far too many glasses of alcohol, but somehow I had enough sense to realize I didn't actually want Taco Bell, I was just hungry. So I had some cereal when I got home and then passed out on my bed.

Today I'm supposed to do an easy 35 mile bike ride. It's another warm day, 80's, not hot but warm enough. I'm hung over and am still trying to regain my since I am programmed to wake up at 4:30-6am every morning and I went to bed at 3, I'm only running off 4 hours sleep. I have decided to take today off as a much needed R & R day. I did run 16.5 miles, dance for 3 hours and stay awake for 23 hours.....I'll make up my ride on another day.

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