Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's been a long 24 hours

Monday Morning Swim - Part 1
(repeat from Wednesday)

250 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:34
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose.
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;50-;53
100 easy
25 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups

Total 2750 yards

I left my water bottle in my car The pool felt good, although I was a bit slower on my timed intervals this week vs. last week. I'm sure all the alcohol I had in the past 24-36 hours had played a part in it. Thank God I don't drink often.
Going to hit the gym at lunch for 40 mins of core and stretching, my quads are killing me. After work I intend on doing a 6 mile tempo run at Vancouver Lake and then hit the open water with the team. I grabbed my sleeveless wetsuit instead of my full sleeved by mistake. It's going to be cold! Oh well, good practice for race day right?

Lunch- 30 mins of core/Pilates and foam roller stretching. Really needed to work my quads out, they are very swollen and knotted.

Part 2 Evening Tempo run.
Not sure how far I ran since it wasn't mapped but my guess is 6 miles or so. I ran around Vancouver Lake pre open water swim. First 10 minutes I used as a warm up and then spent a good 5 minutes stretching, trying to work out my quads. Ran easy for another 5 minutes and then went into a 20 minutes Tempo. Since I didn't have mile markers I was unaware of my pace but instead used my HR as my tempo. My goal was to not go above 175HR but with the heat (it was low 80's and muggy) my HR stayed around 180-182. I didn't feel especially quick yet I didn't feel energy tapped so it was a good tempo pace, I held the 20 minutes. I ended with a 15-20 minute easy recovery. Lol, this was supposed to be at a low HR but my HR wouldn't drop much. I slowed down my speed to an easy jog which I believe was more painful then going fast and my HR would only go as slow as 172. WTF? Oh well.

Part 3 Evening Open Water Swim.
This was pretty non eventful for me. I got to try out my new sleeveless wetsuit. It fit like a charm, this one felt much longer in the torso (good thing) and I enjoyed the freedom of the sleeveless arms. I was lucky as the water wasn't too cold at a semi-comfortable 60 something degrees. We didn't do much in the water, it was basically a get acclimated to open water session. I didn't experience any kind of open water shock which was a good thing. We ended up swimming back and forth around the dock logs, totaling water time to about 30 minutes. Very little yardage, I'm happy I got my yardage in the morning.

Tuesday Morning 2 hour Spin
After 6 hours of sleep I dragged my tail out of bed and hit the spin bike for 120 minutes. I had to make up for the 35 mile easy ride I missed out on Sunday due to shot quads and a massive hangover. 120 minutes is difficult to do on a spin bike....it's a bit mind numbing. Kept my HR low 130-145 for the first 30 minutes and at a moderate 150-160 for the remaining 90 mins.
120 minutes, changing 3 shirts, drinking 64 oz of water, 1020 calories spent later and I finished my latest and greatest edition of Triathlete's Magazine.

I recovered with yogurt and protein powder and then 45 minutes later again with barley, soy milk and protein powder. Ah the breakfast of champions. Now I'm drinking a Java Monster, I have a very busy work day....it's going to be a long one.

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