Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday's Daily Double

Tuesday Morning Swim - Part 1

250 warm up

1 mile race simulator
100 timed all out effort ; 1:34
50 easy
50 with fins easy
With fins
25 x 2 70%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 90%, 25 x 2 80%, 25 x 2 100%
200 easy with bobs at the first 25
200 x 5. First 200 breathing out though the nose.
100 easy
50 x 8; 65% effort intervals, count time ; ;50-;52
100 easy

Cool down
25 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups
50 with 5 wall push ups

Total yardage ; 2750

Another good swim day. I was a little groggy and out of it for the beginning, I think I was still detoxing from all that damn alcohol Sunday night/Monday morning. I need to stop drinking, all together.

BTW, this has become one of my favorite swim workouts. I've done it once a week for the last few weeks. I like how much variety it has. I rarely get bored...ok on the last 200 my mind does start to wonder.

Tuesday - Part 2 - Run Speed Work

10 min warm up - 1.05 mile
15 mins of drills - A$$ kickers, strides, side strides, bounds
6 x 800's; 3:35 pace; 90 sec floats

Total mileage, approx 5.5

I did my speed work at the gym on the treadmill today. Well I did the drills outside, around the side of the gym and the 800's on the treadmill. I was shooting for 8 800's but I had a meeting scheduled post workout so I had to cut it down to 6 which was fine by me. It's been a while since I've done 800 repeats, they kicked my tail, but I did finish each one with target times. Post run I'm driving back to work with my windows down, the cold air felt so good on my hot sweaty hair. Yes I shower but don't have the time to wash and dry my hair, so I just keep it up. I got back to work with 2 mins to spare, enough time to make some tea and jump into said meeting.
Successful speed day. I even got to work on my transition time

Run miles YTD 441

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