Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday - Tri'ing part 2

32 mile bike ride - flat and WINDY along Marine drive/20 min run; 2.34 miles; 8:35 avg

Didn't hit my goals...or did I? I wanted to do some time trial intervals tonight, but knew the possibility of actually accomplishing them would be slim. I did speed run work yesterday, swam this morning and still feeling the effects of the century ride from the weekend. Still who would I be if I didn't tri? So off I go.... Now it's a VERY bad thing if I'm heading out along Marine Drive in my hardest gear and I can't hit my threshold HR of 180. What does that mean? It means there is a ****load of tail wind...and tailwind brings headwind on the way back. I finally hit 180 near the end of the sector and held 180-183 for 3:30 and then went in for recovery. I tried to hit my second interval 2 minutes later and I couldn't get my HR up there, still in the hardest gear, still on the way out. I decided to bag it and attempt again on the way back. Turn around and Woah! I felt the force, the force of something nasty....I was riding into a brick wall of wind. Ugh! this was not so pretty. I tried to hit another interval but after several minutes of pushing hard I realized that I didn't have the muscle strength left to get my HR up. My whole right side of my body was acting funky as well, my right IT Band hurt pretty badly on the outside of my knee up my outer thigh....calf flared up yet again and my right should blade was very stiff. Can I just chop off the whole right side of my body? I decided to just toss out the intervals and just ride a nice moderate effort which would be hard not to accomplish with the wind working against me for the remainder of the ride. Finished in 1:40 avg'ing 19.5 mph which I am content with, slipped on my running shoes and went for a moderate 20 minute run. At first I was worried about the IT/calf flare up but it was gone as soon as I started running. My run felt great. Finished with a 8:35 avg which is ok for me.

So I started off with the question did I hit my goals? Yes...sure I wanted to do intervals...but my body didn't and my head listened to it. This has been work in progress for a very long time and it is nice to see the two (mind & body) are finally working as a team.

Side note; so odd that I wrote the blog about my past today. I had car problems this afternoon and ended up meeting up with my first ex boyfriend (6 year guy). He fixed my car issues as usual and we caught up on everything in between. I was am so thankful I changed my lifestyle. I couldn't even imagine living and going through the **** he endures day to day. It's sad that some people just don't ever see there true potential.

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