Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The past and present….but mostly the past.

Recently I have had a few people ask me about my up bringings. It used to be a sensitive subject as a lot of it was hard and hurtful. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and has turned me into who and what I am today. And I like myself… I’ve decided to share with a little of what and where Kat has been. Please be forewarned none of this is sugar coated and some of the memories are very dark, but know I have taken something positive out of all of it.

*I lived in hotels on more then one occasion while a was a child.
*I moved so many times I never had a best friend; until I was 15.
*For many years I had a Coke and a Snickers Bar for breakfast.
*My mother had cervical cancer and was in and out of treatment for 3 years – some of the worst of my childhood.
*Although my parents despised each other they always showed their love for me.
*First movie I ever saw in a theater was The Little Mermaid with my mom. I think this is one reason I love swimming so much.
*My dad taught me how to ride a bike….I was 8, better late then never right? He did have me in the pool with him by the age of 1.
*I tried to end my life when I was 15
*I have been affiliated with organized crime although if you try to link it there is no visible proof.
*My mother and I spent a good year in a Catholic home for abused women when I was 5.
*I tried to enlist in the Army when I was 17, but a rather large heart murmur prohibited this.
*I didn’t learn how to drive until I was 18 (thanks Robin!)
*I dropped out of school and moved out on my own when I was 15.
*Got my GED when I was 16
*My first job I worked as a maid for a slum lord; happened to live at the same place I worked.
*I spent 6 years not talking to any family member. Now my mother and father are my best friends….although still not around much, thank God for a thing called a phone.
*At one point of my life I helped a friend *at the time* rebuild his car engine.
*My grandfather had lung cancer and his lung removed; he is now in remission.
*I have seen/lived around pimps, hoes and drug dealers….and have walked in on a few over doses/deaths.
*My mother makes the world’s best Mac N Cheese.
*By the time I was 16 I worked two jobs and over the next two years never had one solid day off in a row.
*I have dealt with court cases; city police and FBI on more times I’d like to remember.
*I have never been married or desired children.
*I worked my way up from being a maid to a Senior Buyer for a multi billion dollar company with no education other then a GED.
*I went from a cute skinny kid to a fat ugly kid within a few years; that’s what happens when mom gets sick and stops cooking.
*My father has melanoma; his fate is certain.
*I lived off Top Roman & PB & Honey sandwiches on white bread for 4 years, it sucked.
*When I was young I despised running. Running sucks when you’re overweight. Who would have ever guessed that I would learn to love it?
*I worked for the same company for over 8 years, I’m only 27.
*I fell in love when I was 16. Our relationship lasted 6 years and this man is still my best friend to date. It’s a bittersweet story.
*Ah back to the age of 15, turned gang related…I have scars to prove this.
*At the ripe age of 25 I ran my first 10k. By the time I was 27 I had completed several Olympic triathlons and a Half Ironman.
*Within the last 2 years I have raised over $10,000 for charities.

Today I am a young single women making a comfortable living in a safe, friendly environment and enjoying the things I love most; training and food.
The sky’s the limit. Ironman 09 here I come.


meherczeg said...

katie, i say it all the time, you are an amazing woman. i would love to sit and have coffee with you one day :)

naughty bodybuilder/triathlete marilyn

Rainmaker said...

Wow...thanks for sharing with us. I can't even being to imagine how much hard work you've had to put in on so many fronts to get to where you are today. You ought to be very very proud and happy with yourself!