Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleep.....need more sleep


Evening....4.2 mile "easy" paced run.

Open water swim - 5 loops around Klineline. I've always stopped at 4 loops, 5 was a first. I don't know about the distance but I'm thinking it is around 500 meters per loop and I swim on the far I'm thinking 2500-2700 meters or so; took me 62 minutes.

Post swim I felt pretty good considering I did a 7 mile tempo run during lunch, 4.2 mile "easy" paced run in the heat in the evening and then a 2500-2700 meter open water swim. Bedtime was another story. The last 3 days have caught up with me yet again, I knew it was going to happen as I had planned Friday as a Recovery day for Saturdays Century/Brick. I was expecting fatigue, I was not expecting to have restless leg syndrome, and be woken up by a growling tummy throughout the night. Blah, today I am a walking zombie. I think I got may be 3 hours of solid sleep...and my legs are really tight and fatigued. I might opt for an ice bath when I get home, that is if rolling the stick throughout the day doesn't help. Even though I'm physically and mentally tired I'm happy, It's Friday and I get to "train" my tummy and eat all day! Brown rice sushi for lunch and Claim Jumpers with my mama for dinner. Yay food!

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