Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Cadence and I

Easy 44 mile ride from NW Pdx out to Sauvie’s Island, 2 loops and back. The purpose was to get mileage in, spin out my legs from yesterdays run and really just take it easy keeping my HR low. A nice calk walk, but sadly no cake at the end. I ran a lot yesterday and decided to have a few alcoholic beverages that evening; energy was not going to be there, even if I wanted it. I wasn’t able to start my ride until 1 pm, which sucks because the wind really picks up out around that Island. Cadence was getting a new chain so I had to wait for River City to open. Upon picking her up I learned something new….I have a non compact double cassette. I always was under the impression I had a compact but was never quite certain. Funny, so analytical about my training yet I don’t know jack about my bike. I asked the bike technician today and he said it was just a double. No wonder feels difficult getting up steep hills. I wonder how I’d do with a compact? So does this make me a stronger rider using a standard double? Anyway, off I go for my ride. Practiced riding in my aeros; which I completed for over 75% of the ride. I now feel very comfortable in them; it’s about freaking time. I took it nice and easy, kept my HR around 150-165 for the ride duration and managed to pull out an avg of 19.89 mph, rode for 2 hours 10 mins. I felt efficient; this ride did not tax me. I realized in the last week I really like riding by myself, Cadence is really all the company I need.

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