Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turbo charged

Tuesday morning - part 1
Morning Tempo Run

There is nothing like hitting the open road and getting my heart rate up to 185 while the neighborhood around me sleeps. I woke up at 4:45am, pre alarm, got dressed, consumed a Strawberry-banana PowerGel and hit the concert. Still dark....very nice. First 10 minutes, easy warm up. 3 min stretch, legs are feeling pretty good this morning, another 7 min easy run. Time to hit tempo, what a transition the body makes from slow to speed. My body automatically kicks it up to high gear. My chest leans forward, legs leap outward and turn over like high reving pistons, my blood is pumping and my heart rate is climbing, 175-185 bpm and I'm officially in turbo mode. It's 5:20am and I am flying high. Kept target HR for 20 minutes at which point I downshift to a 160-170 moderate run to finish off with. Had a good run this morning and then had a kick ass cup of coffee waiting for me when I got home. Mmmmmm

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