Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday - Run/Speed

10 min warm up
5 min stretch
4 x 1600's 7:30 with 90 sec floats
5 min cool down

Going in I was sort of dreading this workout. I knew I was very well capable of hitting my time goals, they're no longer aggressive (which needs to change soon). But I was REALLY tired after that century ride/run on Saturday. Much more tired then I had thought I'd be and I wasn't sure how long that would last for. Failing a workout IMO is one of the worst feelings, especially if it's because your body doesn't recover as fast as you thought it would. I was no longer sore, that really went away when I woke up on Sunday but my legs were stiff. If I was going to fail it would be in either A. Lack Of Energy or B. Stiff legs that wouldn't keep up. Thankfully I surprised myself and killed it. At the end I felt I could have added on one more 1600 repeat but felt now probably wasn't the time to push my luck or energy. Happy the fear is gone and my workout is done for the day. Time to eat, yet again

625.6 miles Ran Year-To-Date, 205 days this year, avg 3.05 mile a day

Random gym grip
My gym the 24hr Fitness Tualatin/Lance Armstrong has started offering free towel service. So I think, yay, one less thing to think about. I go in yesterday and they tell em I have to give them my membership card to hold in exchange for a towel. I'm like, okkkkaaaay. I guess people have been jacking the towels. Why? I haven't a clue, they're not even good towels, they're too thin and small. I'm a small girl; I can't even imagine a larger person using them. So anywho I give them my card and ask for two towels. They won't give two, only one. So I have to choose between one shower towel OR a workout towel. WTF?! I pay too much money for this gym as it is. Let me tell you, they up the monthly fee's $10 a month for this 24hr location only because it's the Armstrong SuperSport. The only extra feature it has are racquet ball courts. If it wasn't 5 minutes from my work I would go elsewhere. Ugh, just so annoying, they should just discontinue the towel service. Either have good quality service or none at all. Just my opinion here.

On a side note I got a rather good laugh. Some guy was walking around with a mullet, porn star mustache and a - get this - purple velvet jumpsuit. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

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