Thursday, July 24, 2008


30 mins Pilates & rolling with stick

Training part 1 - Tempo Run

When the training you know and have done for the last few weeks/months become “less difficult” you need to take a step back and appreciate the progression and know now it’s time to step up your game.

10 min warm up
4 min stretch
5 min easy run
10 min tempo (7:35 min/mile 170-175 HR)
5 min easy
10 min tempo (7:35 min/mile 175-182HR)
5 min easy
10 min tempo (7:35 min/mile 180-185HR) Talked to a newbie triathlete doing his first sprint tri during this interval. Holding conversation at 185 bpm is challenging but somehow I managed to do it
5 min easy

7.2 miles total

I feel freaking fantastic. I <3 yogurt and I do believe I might be having one of the worst hair days of my life. When I got home last night I showered but was too lazy to wash my hair. NOTE: When you wear a helmet, have lots of hair and sweat a lot you MUST wash your hair. My lazy ass didn't and woke up to a giant fizz ball. I threw it up on top my head and my office mate has been calling my Q-tip all day, which has caught on to other co-workers now referring to me as Q-Tip. Nice. Thankfully the sweat from that bad ass tempo run tamed things down a bit and turned the frizz into curls....and I'm rockin a nicely blushed complexion from the elevated HR....oh the benefits of training.

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