Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday Triples


Noon Pilates – 60 minutes

I think I strained my right abductor or pulled my groin Wednesday, getting a not so good feeling coming from that region. Pilates stretching hurt but felt good. The stupid clam pissed my outer gluts off, they were on fire.

Evening – Tempo Run & Open Water Swim

I leave the office at 4:30 hoping to get to Klineline by 5:30 and get a 60 min tempo run in before my swim. Here I am stuck in massive gridlock at 5:20 and I'm not even ½ way there. With traffic brings road rage which brings on lack of motivation for training, so I quickly pull off the freeway and decide to do my tempo run in North Portland. Best decision I made for the day. I ended up running down Willamette which crossed by Portland University…and I happened to run by a ton of guys running without their shirts. OMG, made my freakin' day. The run was a little taxing. 10 min warm up easy, 3 min stretch, 7 min easy, 10 min tempo (HR 180-185), 5 min easy, 10 min tempo (HR 180-185), 15 min easy, 6.2 miles. I think I averaged 9 min miles which is good because my slow was SLOW and my fast was well, my HR was up there, let's just go with that. I ran without water in limited shade in peak heat, 80 degrees. I felt my right calf and abductor the whole time. Mind over matter….I don't mind so it doesn't matter

Open Water – 3 laps around Klineline.

I had intentions of doing my normal 4 loops and wanted to even push 5. I ended up swimming with Paul and after every loop I got distracted from my 4-5 loop goal and would rest for too long and talk about training. I talk too freakin much…more then I write and that is a lot. On the 3rd lap I got a really bad side stitch, bad enough I had to stop and take a few deep breaths.

I only slept 6 hours last night. I was restless… body hurts and feels like it's breaking down on me. Going to rest today and hopefully recover enough to attack my 3 hour trail run on Saturday.

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