Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a kick ass weekend!

I think Hell has officially frozen over, for Saturday night I had a date. Not only a date but a 3rd in the world does this happen when I have a no dating policy during my training season? I'm completely dumbfounded by the whole thing. During the date I was inspired by the Blazer's cheerleaders, they were rockin silver sequins hot pants. I sooooo want a pair of silver sequin tri shorts. I'm going to get them, even if I have to *bedazzle* them myself. I look at it as a strategic racing move, I'll blind the competitors :) Anywho, very fun night, good food, good view and great company.

Sunday's training started with a 15ish mile lsd run though the west side of the city. The picture at the top of my blog is of the friendly little squirrel that decided to beg Darrell and I for food while we waited for Seth. I swear that squirrel was demonic, do you see his red beady little eyes? Crazy little guy ran right up to me for food, I turn around and there were 2 more, it was like a small squirrel gang. Darrell saved the day by feeding them chocolate Power Bars. We were kind of worried we'd come back and have dead squirrels around our cars. I thought they might explode from all the sodium, Darrell thought they might not react to chocolate well, and we both thought they might go crazy from the caffeine. But alas, we returned to no dead squirrels.

The started from Willamette Park, up Corbett, up Twilliger, out to Taylor's Ferry and back. If anyone knows the area you are aware the run was consent climbing, descending and on going rollers. I think we covered around 900-1000 feet ascending and descending. Alana meet up 5 miles in. Can I just express how happy I am to FINALLY have another female interested in training? That being said without insult to any of my gf's, I know we all have our own lives to live. Anywho, go Alana, go Alana, go! :) Back to the run, I bonked around mile 13 or so and was so close to the finish didn't want to take another gel, I wanted food. I'm really getting tired of gels, it's too early in the season to be tired of gels.....this is going to be a long season.

Post run a few of us recovered with food and football.

Then I headed off for a short swim

500 warm up

1 x 200 fins
1 x 200 paddles
repeat 1 X
1 x 200; 50-a;ok, 50-fist, 50 karate; 50 hand flick

1 x 500 breathing odds, 3,5,3,5,3 every 100

2000 yards total

Recovered with a jalepeno guacamole boca burger and Tillamock strawberry ice cream with my grandparents.

The weekend was long and didn't leave much time for rest, but it was well worth it, I had a great time.

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Rainmaker said...

Wow, all the squirells I meet simply want to kill me. Although that one does indeed look really really scary.

Glad you found both a date as well as a new training partner.