Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Early morning run

It is what it is

55 min easy recovery around my hood

First time I've really explored the area running since I moved. Ran an out and back, first half had a slight down grade which meant up hill coming back. Ran at an easy pace and just enjoyed the morning. The freezing cold made this a tad bit difficult as I couldn't feel my fingers (with gloves) or face. Let me take that back, I could feel them and it felt like someone had smashed them with a hammer. The ground was beautiful, glistened with frost...made me think I was running in a field of diamonds, so pretty.

7 miles; 8:00 min avg

Feeling good this morning, looking forward to another glorious day!


Paul&Annie said...

Damn! You don't quit! I'm still recovering, but may be able to get out for some miles tomorrow.
See you this weekend.

Rainmaker said...

Oh, you're just overthinking things. Feeling in fingers is totally over-rated for a run. Unnessessary really. ;)