Monday, January 5, 2009

The enjoyment of suffering

There has to be something very, very wrong with me, as I do not get full enjoyment out of racing or training until I am in complete and utter pain. I don't think this is normal or in any way or right. The thing I find odd is that I hate anaerobic/speed power training UNTIL I hit my anaerobic zone. Getting up to that point sucks, but baby once I'm there.....there's no stopping me.

Spin - Anaerobic Intervals
15 min warm up
10 x :60 all out sprints; 2 min recovery between (this was the plan at is very difficult for me to hit my anaerobic zone in the saddle, in fact since I decimated my quads in the marathon I haven't been able to even reach anaerobic sitting, today I did. On the first interval I tried to climb out of the saddle, that didn't work out too well. The bike, trainer and I almost tipped over, I will not be attempting that one again. The rest of my intervals I stayed planted in the seat and just tried to grind it out.)
1st - 308 watts - HR - 173
2nd - 288 watts - HR - 178
3rd - 285 watts - HR - 177
4th - 273 watts - HR - 181
5th - 269 watts - HR - 180 ( at theis point they were getting very difficult to maintain. My HR was not dropping fast enough to fully recover to pull out the next, so I increased recoveries to 3 minutes.
6th - 288 watts - HR 181.5
7th - 282 watts - HR 183
8th - 274 watts - HR 183
9th - 278 watts - HR 183
10th - 289 watts - HR 182 - Booyah! Kill Bill's Theme song played during my last interval, just what I needed to hammer through it

5 minute recovery spin
4 x 30 one legged power spins; 175-180 watts
5 min cool down

Max HR 183/ Avg HR 172
Max wattage 320/ Avg wattage 172
Max wattage per kg 5.26/ avg wattage per kg 2.84

I was finally able to crest my anaerobic HR on the bike, it's about damn time! This is just the beginning to a world of hurt.

I decided to indulge in tad bit more suffering by making myself an uber hot thai chile turkey wrap for recovery lips are still burning. If my body could go mutiny on me it would.

Tomorrow is going to hurt, thankfully it's my recovery day :) Now, I must beat my legs with the stick if I expect to sleep at all tonight.


Jason said...

Must be something wrong with me too.

Coachhrd said...

Sometimes . . . suffering is GOOD!