Friday, January 9, 2009

Somethings aren't meant to be

And today that would be my swim

I hit the gym after another long day at work. Did I mention I was pulling 9-10 hours a day all week but one day? I'm thoroughly exhausted. Anywho...I get to the gym and the plan was to run then swim. As I unpack and layout my swim gear for an easy transition I realize I left my goggles at home. Uh-oh. I got to the front desk and check goggle cost $10.00 for a crappy pair of gym goggles. I already have a pair of Blue Seventy and Aqua Sphere goggles at home, both badass might I add. My frugal tail is not about to give them gym a 60% profit on a cheap pair of goggles I may never wear again....I'll finish my swim rant later. I make my way over to the treadmills only to see the ones that calculate splits are all in use. Only 8 out of 24 treadmills provide pace/per mile display, complete bullshit in my opinion. What was even worse was that all 8 were in use by WALKERS. Not run/walkers, not hill walkers....just flat line walkers. So I stood on the wall for 10 minutes while I watched two girls txt messages on their phones and occasionally look over my way to notice that I was scowling at them. Really, WTF? Mobile phones should not be allowed on treadmills. Finally one of the stupid girls gets off of the machine and I quickly have to cut someone moron off from taking my machine. Wait your turn buddy. 5 minutes into my workout I realized that I was stuck in a very bad place. Never have I ever wanted to hurl from the smell of another person training. Seriously, it was worse then being stuck in the Hood2Coast van with 6 smelly runners for 24 hours. Next to me was this women walking, dressed in black from head to toe with one of those scarves covering her face...and wreaked of middle eastern food, sour middle eastern food. Oh my God it was awful. Really, what did I do to deserve this? I tried breathing through my mouth to see if that would help, no not so much. Since I am on a gym bitch tangent, another qualm of mine is the lack of hot people at my gym. There are NEVER any hot people there, the trainers aren't even hot. Part of the motivation of being in the gym is eye candy, I feel like I really deserve some kind of refund.

10 min warm up - just about hurled
5 min stretch
10 min 9:30 pace 2-5% incline
10 min recovery 9:30pace
10 min 9:30 pace 2-5% incline
10 min recovery 9:30pace
10 min 9:30 pace 2-5% incline
10 min recovery 9:30pace

7.45 miles

I then decided I'd "tri" to swim without goggles. That lasted a whole 50 yards, ouch! I have to get up early tomorrow for a cold, hilly bike ride, I figure forgetting my goggles was a sign I needed to go home. I'm irritated, I need to rest so that I can have a kick ass ride tomorrow morning,


Joe Tysoe said...

In spite of the story sounding kinda cruddy it's a little funny. :)

Btw, I've encounted this exact scenario before.. I usually just chalk it up to the day sucking and vowing start over the next day.

Rainmaker said...

Wow, I agree that it shouldn't be allowed. If I were you, I'd create some authoritative looking "No texting while using the equipment for your safety" signs, and then carefully tape them to the machines. Presto - problem solved!