Sunday, January 11, 2009

Riding through the hills we go

Saturday Ride -
3 loops around Hagg Lake, 2250 ft of climbing in 31 miles. This was a good ride, cold but good. I was a little surprised to see snow along the side of the road. My first loop was slower and taken with extra caution. I haven't been out on the road in a few weeks and it took awhile for me to get comfortable on the slick, curvy, hilly road. The second and third loop went really well. I would have stayed out to do a 4th, as my energy levels supported it but my dress attire did not. I had too many layers on, well I think I needed them but they produced, well I produced a LOT of sweat which made my clothes very damp next to my skin and descending became very cold and somewhat painful.

I had a few objectives for this ride.
1. Get my tail out riding in the cold again - accomplished, although it took a few hours for my hands and feet to defrost and not feel like someone had taken a hammer to them.
2. Attack each hill, climbing out of the saddle and stay in the big ring the whole ride - mission accomplished, this wasn't AS HARD as I had anticipated, power is finally returning :)
3. Have fun - fo shizzle!
4. Work on my descending issues - :( sadly this didn't happen, the ice and snow kept me in fear. Another day I suppose.
5. Nutrition, keep strong power, good GI, no bonking - accomplished. I <3 my power meter. Seeing my energy expediture helps fuel to perform. Just say no to bonking

Wattage data
1:54:00 ride
31.15 miles - 2250 ft climbing and descending
Max wattage 474, avg wattage 149
Max wattage per/kg 7.07/ avg wattage per kg 2.46
Max Cadence 131/ Avg Cadence 53 (I was climbing!)
Max HR 180/ Avg HR 149

Thanks Walter and Johan for the riding company!

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