Sunday, January 4, 2009

Randomnes....isn't this I?

*Life is beautiful and so are you.

*Does any other triathlete hate aqua aerobics? I hit the pool 3-4 times a week and it never fails, one or two of those times the pool is preoccupied with water aerobics. Agh! I understand the elderly have to get their fitness on too, but couldn't they schedule it mid morning, mid afternoon, not peak hours?

*I wish I had a place to plant an herb garden. I would grow endless basil, basil and cilantro. Mmmmm

*I forgot how good it feels to be a girl. I forgot how good it feels to train my ass off. I lost my way for sometime, I'm glad I found myself.

*I'm contemplating purchasing the WKO software. Anyone have any feedback on it? Also, if I purchase the software I need to upgrade to a HRM that can download data, suggestions are highly encouraged.

*Are rules meant to be broken?

*Sunday Bloody Sunday

*Pondering doing the Pacific Crest HIM or the Olympic, what to do? what to do?


Kylie said...

I have WKO and it is ok... but I'm strongly considering switching to RaceDay.

Jill Costantino said...

With you on the water areobics and slow people swimming in the fast lane and in the middle of the lane! Urrgghhh!

Happy New Year Chicka!

Rainmaker said...

Ok, I fail to understand how I'm not 7 posts behind... either way...

1) You can download a trial of WKO that works for 14 days from thier site. I've downloaded the trial and used it for a few things, but there isn't anything I can't do in Sports Tracks already (for free).

2) No little deck to plant an herb garden in a few pots? That's what I do.

3) I dislike even more when the aqua-walkers use up 6 different lanes, one in each.

4) If you purchase a HRM, I can't recommend the Garmin 305 (not the 405) enough. Sure it has GPS and stuff too - but you'll fall in love with it once you do.

Happy New Year - you're NYE pics looked great!