Saturday, January 17, 2009

The end of a powerful week

*Monthly weigh in - dropped 2.5 lbs in 4 weeks. It is VERY difficult to calorie cycle while trying to achieve power/endurance/speed but somehow I managed it. Another 3 lbs to go and I'll be set for racing.
*Saturday Training
****Met up with the PDX Tri club for the Wildflower group ride. It was a nice turn out this week, a lot of new faces. Beautiful day for a ride, cold but clear and sunny. Rode out to Sauvie's Island from the NW Athlete's Lounge (9ish miles), 2 loops around the Island (26 miles) at threshold 190-210 watts, and back to AL...immediately followed up with an easy 20 min run = 2.5 miles. Lol, I finally experienced brick legs. I didn't think I thrashed them so bad on the bike until I got off and started running. But alas, I still hit my 8 min avg....and that was with hills. Training is coming along very nicely.
Power data
45.7 miles - 2:31 hour ride
Max speed 24.86/ Avg speed 18.12
Max Cadence 143/ Avg cadence 65 (yes I know, I'm a pedal masher)
Max HR 180 (this was only due to the cold weather)/ avg HR 160 (on target)
Max Power 412 watts / Avg power 170
Max Power kg 6.78 / avg power kg 2.76
Caloric intake on bike - 320
Caloric expenditure on bike 1510

2.5 miles run - 8:00 pace
Max HR 171 / Avg HR 161

Post Ride/Run I was starving, joined a few friends for recovery fuel at Santa Fe. Bomb a$$ Caribbean Shrimp Burrito!

Later I checked out a few time trail bikes. I think I'm going to end up with a B16 Felt. The Felt fit really nice, I think I'm going to get a custom paint job on her as well....I already have her named picked out, but I won't disclose until she's purchased and painted :) On another note, the bike is uber tiny - 50! I'm going to be riding a kid sized bike! I guess that's what happens when you have short legs and a long torso, damn it! Oh yea, I also was informed that my current road bike is WAY to big for me. Now I knew this before as I have problems holding it up at stop lights but what really pisses me off is that it's caused problems with my stability descending....and we all know the issues I have descending. I can't wait to get a new bike, one that actually fits me!

Later that night....
Alana and I hooked up to go salsa dancing. We were on the buddy system, no more then two drinks and home before midnight or the Land Rover would turn into a pumpkin.....reality would be we'd be shit to train with the next day and I am not about to sacrifice training. We decided to do salsa big and dressed up in black dresses, strappy shoes and I rocked a red flower in my hair. Aztec Willies has an hour salsa lesson before the open up the dance floor, we joined this as A. I haven't been real salsa dancing in about 10 years and well we both needed help. Alana got the hook up with the manager and we received free cover, a safe place for our coat and purses and drinks on the house, lucky us! Even with free drinks we stayed true to our bond and only had one glass of red wine. The dance floor was a little intimidating once it opened up, there were so many great dancers....and then there was Alana and I. I have the hip and shoulder action but two left feet, Alana had the feet and no shoulders, we would have been ok united as one. But our lack of knowledge didn't hold us back from having a stellar time. Guys approached us to dance, we kindly accepted. Once on the floor we fully warned them we had no idea what we were doing, but it didn't matter, these latino men were good, REAL good. Suddenly we were spun right, spun left, tilted back, legs in the air (everything covered of course!), shimmies here, shimmies there, completely out of control yet in control. It didn't matter we didn't know where to put our feet, as long as the guy knows what he is doing you end up dancing on air. It was nice to see the men dripping in sweat as much as we were, it got hot and it was hot fast! I was swept off my feet by suave latino men, oh what a night. A quarter past 11 and my legs were growing really tired. Yes it sounds early but we started at 9:30 and remember, this girl did a 3 hour bike run in the morning. It was time to call it a night. We bid our farewell and made it home.

Sunday Training
11ish mile hill run up through the cemetary, out to Twilliger, downtown and back to Willamette Park. i thought this run would be difficult and we could push the pace but our fearless leader was a little preoccupied and opted not to lead and stay in th eback of the back....which doesn't really help the rest of the group if we didn't have a course map. So when was going to be a nice powerful hill run turned into an LSD paced's all good though, got to meet some new PDX tri club members and I can never really complain about laughing and talking throughout a Alana and I decided to throw a little salsa shimmie in here and there. Lol, good times.

Recovered with friends at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I gave into temptation and had the mizzithera(sp?) and brown butter with whole wheat noddles....bad idea, I felt the lump in my tummy for my swim that followed.

500 warm up

1 x 200 paddles
1 x 100 fins
repeat 2 more times
1 x 50; 25 scully down, 25 free back
1 x 50; 25 one arm catch up down, 25 free back
1 x 50; 25 hand water flip down, 25 back
repeat 1 more time
2 x 100; 25 A-ok, 25 fist, 25 karate, 25 free

500 cool down

Total yardage- 2500

I'm tired....yet feel very accomplished. I managed to get my training hours up to 14.5 this week, ran 6 days, and had 4 successful power threshold workouts. Today is the end of my 3 week build and tomorrow starts my the beginning of my recovery week, an extra day off and easy intensity workouts. Yay! Bring it on :)

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