Monday, January 12, 2009

The end of a 6 day build

60 min morning spin

Stayed in my "endurance" zone, 95% aero bars focusing on yoga style breathing. Inhaled through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I was able to engage and work my core through most of the workout while managing to keep my wattage on target with a lower heart rate. The heart rate is really a questionable thing. It's usually higher then 147 for a 163 avg wattage, not to mention I'm tired as shit from 6 days of building. Was it the breathing practice or the aero positioning? Who knows, what I do know is I need to practice riding aero for long durations. Breathing and eating in that position does not come easy, all in due time right? I zoned out to Kill Bill's slow Asian themed soundtrack and watched Joe from Oregon Live visit Dots Doughnuts. It's not right to watch sugary-fatty food on the tv while riding. I should be happy I no longer have cable. I could very easily see myself on the trainer for 3 hours watching Paula Dean with ho-ho's as my fuel source.

Post work - short run work out
20 mile easy run
5 min stretch
25 minutes of run drills - A$$ kickers, strides, side strides, hands high, high skips, and core balancing.
10 min cool down

Recovered with a much needed hard cider (tomorrow's recovery day, can I get a Woot! Woot!), pizza (my favorite guilty pleasure) and friends at the monthly tri club meeting. I <3 my friends, life is beautiful.

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Coachhrd said...

Did a 60-minute spin -- by myself -- today! Not bad, but not too much fun either. Usually I'm in the group fitness classes, but they don't offer them on Tuesdays any more - bummer!