Monday, January 26, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Seriously yo

Woke up and jumped on the trainer for a 90 min spin
20% (warm up/ cool down) endurance >160/ 70% threshold 160-180 watts/ 10% race pace - 180-200+ watts
Not a bad spin, HR was really low, legs were tired and fatigued, surprised they were able to hold the watts....I somehow stayed highly amused watching the first season of Ugly Betty. I can fully relate to Betty, well all but the braces.

3 hours latter and my legs start throbbing, they're very I beat them with my plastic stick, this will be the first of 3 torturous rolling sessions of the day. Work was crazy busy, I don't think I stopped to breathe until I got off and talked training with my boss. Breathe Kat breathe...tomorrow is your recovery day. There I go talking to myself again.

Evening swim-

Met up with a few friends to get some help with my swimming.
Swam 850 yards before friends showed up, then had my stroke watched and did a few drills. Ended up around 1400-1500. I learned that I swim like a fish out of water. My hand crosses over my body which makes my body flop around. I'll be trying out a one arm catch up drill with and without kick board to work on that. It was nice to actually get feedback on my swimming. It was also cool to swim with friends, swimming alone can kind of get old.

Now I sit...and eat....and type. I'm uber tired, my legs are tired, my mind is tired. I get to see my doc about my insomnia and restless leg syndrome tomorrow, I hope she can help.

Good night


cherelli said...

hey Kit Kat, Have you tried taking Calcium/Magnesium before going to bed? May help with the restless leg syndrome...not sure if you drink coffee or Coke or anything but often when people get the "shakes" it can be due to magnesium deficiency. I find after hard run or bike workouts I take a couple of Cal/Mags before bed to help relax the muscles...

Kit Kat said...

Thanks Cherelli,
I do take calcium/mag before bed, sadly it has not helped. I've tried just about everything under the sun. I'm pretty much anti western medicine. Today I was prescribed so shit that I'm going to have to take daily. I'm very uneasy about it, but I can't go any longer with these sleep problems. My recovery week was good, pretty solid week, but as I'm starting the building back up the sleep is going down the crapper again. I'll give this stuff a tri for a month, we'll see what it does.

cherelli said...

Hi Kit Kat,
I try to avoid any western medicine too...just scanning further into my pathology and nutrition book which I'm studying:
Insomnia - possible causes (along with the usual stress, late night stimulants etc): tryptophan deficiency - can be found in sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poultry, salmon, parmesan cheese; or nocturnal hypoglycemia could be a possibility if you eat too light at your last meal of the day (low blood glucose at night can stimulate brain)...
Restless leg syndrome - folic acid deficiency (green leaf veggies, sunflower seeds, beans, fortified cereals, bakers yeast, vegemite - my fav!) or iron deficiency (red meat, greens with vit C food combined)...
Some measures suggested: chamomile tea before bed, warm bath with lavender or chamomile oil (can also put a drop on pillow) before bed, make sure you're getting Vit B1 and B6 (cofactors in conversion of tryptophan to serotonin; take vitamins in morning, Cal/Mg in evening), gingko biloba 80mg 3x/day;
good luck for getting some quality Zzzz...