Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My life :)

Hour by hour, day in and day out,
Sun, wind, snow or rain about...
to shower upon thee and at times cause self-doubt.
Swimming, riding and running the distance,
pushing and pulling, upping the resistance.
A single, a double, a triple, a brick...
pleasure come in the form of a painful stick.
Tearing down muscle, growing used to fatigue,
still searching out for a caffeinated IV.
Sweat, blood, pain and tears,
it's all part of the course along with fear.
I question and wonder, what I can achieve?
what genetics do I have and can I be.......... all I can be?
Minutes turn into seconds to shave off time,
dedication is there, are you feelin' my rhythm?
Sleep, eat, work and train,
this is my life and wouldn't want it to change.
What is the price I am willing to pay?
To reach my goal on that glorious day?
I'll end on a quote I overheard my buddy once say
“Kat will trade Mr. Right and a white picket fence for a PR any day.”