Friday, January 16, 2009

Lucky number 5

Another 5 am workout...

Run - Hill repeats

10 min warm up - 9-10 min pace
5 min stretch
5 x 5 min 8:57 min/mile starting at 2% increasing to 4%; 5 min floats - flat same pace
5 min cool down - 9:30s

7.15 miles total

I keep forgetting how hard hill repeats are....

Jumped in the pool.....which was nice and warm this morning, uh-oh...I hope no one pee'd in it.
5 x 500s at 9:15 pace; 30 sec rests

The run and swim felt good. 3/4 of the way through the swim I started to fade, later I realized it was lack of calories. I had only consumed 19% of my caloric expenditure, for a strong workout on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning) I need to consume I burned a little over 1100, I only consumed 210 :0
Lesson learned.

I've got 2 days of hard training left before I start my recovery week and I feel stellar. Honestly I am a bit surprised, I mean I have my highs and lows but I have far more highs then lows. My body is adapting to the increase of workload and intensities well. Tomorrow is my official weigh in. I weigh myself and take taped measurements once a month under the same circumstances to monitor weight and muscle loss/gain. During the off season I gained 5 lbs (some muscle, some fat) from my racing weight and 7 lbs from my training weigh. Yes my racing weight is higher then training, it is due to taper, carb and sodium loading. I'd like to get back down to my training weight within the next month. With the rate I've been going at I should be there in no time at all. I thought it would be difficult to go back to clean macro-nutrients, but it was rather easy. A few training session of shit food will surely change the way one eats.

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Rainmaker said...

Looks like quite a build week, but you should now be (or almost be) enjoying a nice recovery week! Perfect for a 3 day weekend.