Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The start of recovery week

Set my alarm for an early morning recovery spin....woke up 30 minutes late, realized I set the alarm for PM not AM, Oops. After 9 hours of sleep I was still tired, my legs were tired. I opted to get up and do Pilates instead, work on my mobility, stability and flexibility. Energy was pretty low throughout the day so I opted to take today off instead of Tuesday.
Had the pleasure of experiencing Thumper last night, the middle east does rabbit well. Mmmm. The whole Indian, eating on the floor with hands and what not was a fun experience. Good food, great company and tri talk. Good way to cap off a recovery day/night.

Morning spin
Easy 60 mins - Power tap said I was at endurance threshold, I avg'd 141 watts. Probably should have been lower for true recovery but since I have no heat in my living room (I'm frugal) I need to keep my HR up high enough to keep me warm. Avg HR was 140...and my extremities were pretty cold throughout the ride, next time I'll wear more then bike shorts and a sports bra...maybe bootie covers? :)

Work - lots of work

Evening Swim

500 warm up
1 x 200 paddles
1 x 100 buoy
1 x 100 fins
1 x 200 paddles
Michele arrived, yay! The rest of the swim we pretty much made up as we went along
3 x 100; 25-A-ok, 25-Karate, 25-fist; 25 free; 15 sec rests
2 x 50; scully 25, free 25
2 x 50; one arm catch up 25, free 25
2 x 50; hand water flip 25; free 25
2 x 300 descending by 100; positive, even, negative split

200 cool down

2500 yards total

I was tired during swim...probably left over fatigue from last week. My right tricep wasn't feeling too hot either, probably from poor form. Michele made my swim, it was really nice to have a friend in the pool, even if she was growling at the a-hole in the next lane. Love ya girl!

Post swim I recovered with my extended family Michele and Johan for sushi. Good food, better company! Muah! Love you two!

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