Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking

into the future....legs keep on turning, turning, turning...over and over....
Muahahahaha! Victory is mine! Or sanity is completely lost. Realistically it's a bit of both. I have been stuck at 2 hours for the last month, always growing too tired or bored to continue forward. I gave up going out last night and having a good time with friends for training, I'll be damned if I wasn't going to make progression. I decreased my avg wattage by 8% and I was able to turn 2 hours into 3. I was entertained by disc 3, season 3 of Weeds (my season is all over now, time to move on) and a couple episodes of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. During the 3 hours I went through 2 pairs of bike shorts, 2 bath sized towels and 2 jersey tops, which would have turned into 3 but by the end I said f%^$%$# it and ended up in just my sports bra. I was fueled off of a Power Gel, a GU Roctane and chocolate chip peanut butter Cliff Bar (my personal fav. flavor), 2 salt sticks and 96 oz of water.

Wattage data is a little something like this
Duration 3:00:13
Energy expenditure 1648 kcal
Distance (which you can't count on a trainer w/resistance) 46.6 miles)
Max Cadence 104/Avg Cadence 77
Max HR 1868/ Avg HR 148
Max watts 228/ Avg watts 152
Max watts per kg 3.75/ Avg watts per kg 2.51

2hrs and 30 minutes in and ready to call it quits....then remembered I was signed up for a little event called an Ironman. I AM NOT a quitter. Now that I'm getting up to walk around I noticed that my legs are a little tired, imagine that. And I leave you with a disgusting picture of my wound, since it hurt like a bitch for the majority of my ride and I'm sure you all really care to see it.

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