Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleeping, running and swimming

I slept fantastic last night! 8.5 solid hours, woo hoo! A little disoriented this morning, but not tired = I can deal with this.

Run - 70 mins
10 min warm up run
5 min stretch
25 mins drills
strides, side strides, bounds, hands in air (I look like a crazy person....wait, I am crazy :)), tail kickers, high knees

Speed Work
5 min warm up
4 x 800's 6:58 pace; 2:30 floats at 9:15s

Swim - 40 mins

500 warm up - Wow, I'm really feeling the two vaccinations I got yesterday, nothing like swimming with a dead arm. This was annoying and limited the yardage and drills I was able to do :( well honestly I could have harden the F%$# up...but I will leave that for another day

2 x 25 kickboard; 10 sec res
1 x 50 one arm catch up w/ kickboard
repeat 1 x
2 x 200 - 50-A-ok, 50 Karate, 50 Fist (ouch, ouch, ouch!), 50 one arm catch up; 15 sec rest
2 x 50 kickboard; 10 sec rest ( my legs yelled out "have MERCY!")

10 x 100's - moderate pace. I focused on feeling my body, trying to feel the CHI :) - 1:45 pace; 15 sec rests

2200 yards total

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