Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Training Review

Saturday - last day of recovery week

2 hour easy spin
Avg wattage 154

Watched Beerfest with a friend..
Who knew they paid people to get frogs off? Who knew frog semen wasn't green but the eggs are?
Spinning with a friend, watching a comedy was supposed to help me keep some sort of sanity and to prevent talking to myself which I find myself doing more often. Is this normal? I don't consult in a 3rd person, I think that's where I will draw the line and commit myself. In the end I think I lost brain cells with the amount of "WTF?" I experienced throughout the movie and adapting to the heat in the dungeon. Yes, I referred to your basement as a dungeon. Fricken-A it got hot in there. Post ride we went for what was supposed to be an easy 4 mile run. Now usually I can get off the bike and run 8:00 min/miles no problem, that was not the case on Saturday. My legs moved fine but my HR was elevated to 185 and for the first 2 miles I felt like I was going hurl. I think going from spinning in a hot ass room to running at 30 degrees had something to do with it. Ugh, feeling like your going to get sick is no fun for anyone. I slowed down about half way through and felt much better, we end with 7:50 maybe I started out to fast as well.

Sunday - First day back on build - week 1

Approx 8-8.5 mile run
Best run I've had in sometime. We started from Athlete's Lounge in NW and headed up to Lower McClay Park up to Wildwood and then down to Leif Erickson Train, up to mile 1.5 and the back down. My objective - to run up the trail to Wildwood pushing my aerobic to anaerobic max. Mission accomplished. I held 175-190 HR for a 25 min duration and maxed out at 204. I did this same run about 6 weeks ago and it seriously handed me my ass. Back then I ended up walking several hills, today I stormed up this hills, seriously BADASS. Hehe, having pent up frustrations has it's perks. It snowed yet again last night and the trails were covered. It was crazy trying to go fast, uphill wasn't too bad. My vertigo kicked in descending, almost bit it twice but caught myself each time. I ended on a massive runners high....wish all my runs could be this great!

Lunch and recovery with friends....mmmm, grilled cheese

Afternoon swim
5 x 500's; 30 sec rest - 9:00-9:15 pace

Swim felt really good. I had a ton of energy and just felt like I glided through the water.

Evening Ironman dinner. Good times with good food and amazing people. Somehow we were able to put together a rough 09 IM race, long training workout schedule.....this is going to be quiet the adventure!

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Rainmaker said...

Sounds like quite a nice training weekend.

Supposdely it might snow here tonight. I'm hoping so!