Friday, September 4, 2009

Week of recovery

Day 1 -Monday
Up after 4 hours of sleep. My mind was still racing IM, as was my legs. After sharing a bed with my mom for a week I learned that my restless legs do physically twitch and move around in my sleep. Since 99% of the time I sleep alone I never really knew that, I always just thought my muscle spasmed. Who wants to sleep next to a girl that kicks in her sleep? At least I don't snore.
I spent the day eating....ALL day I ate! I stayed hydrated on red wine. Red wine is good for the heart, which should be great for recovery, right?
I went to the awards and banquet dinner with the "fruitcakes" and Scott that evening. How is it we were served better food after the race then the pre race carb load? Michelle and I made it on the IMC 2009 video, woot! woot! I really enjoyed listening to Jordan Rapp and Tereza Macel give their Pro winning speech, inspiring down-to-earth people I must say! A few of us hit up a local Canadian club for the "after party" Ha! What kind of after party do Ironmen have? One that involves limping around and passing out on club furniture one drink in. As I was waiting for my Crown Royal on the rocks I got to talk with the first place AGer for females 18-24, she was one fast, badass chick and so damn humble!

Day 2 -Tuesday
Spent 10 hours in the car driving home. Zoot's recovery compression tights saved my legs on the ride home - the phat a$$ carna asada burrito and massive margarita kept my mind and tummy right. Hung out with friends in the evening and finished the night off with a mind numbing Four Loko and hot wings. Thanks Mark and Jesse.

Day 3 -Wednesday
Hi-Ho- Hi-Ho..It's back to work I go. Got to love going back to work and not having to worry about any stress. I luv my boss, my job and my co-workers. Muah! My body physically felt fine. Energy on the other hand was pretty low. September is bike commute challenge month so of course I'll be riding to and from, lucky for me I'm only 3.5-4 miles away. I was so tired and out of it on the ride home I ended up riding straight into a pole along the bike bike path. WTF? I just laid there for a minute cursing, I cut open my knee and my hip ;le sigh; I was a sloth in bed for the rest of the night.

Day 4 -Thursday Started the morning out with 45 minutes of Pilates. Stabilization and balance is strong, muscle fatigue is gone. I figured I'd be sore for a week, but by day 3 I feel fine?! Another sign I held back too much, oh've got to test the water before you can test your limits, right? I know I'll still have to take it light for the next week or two to allow my energy to rebuild and muscles to fully heal. I'm happy to report I am no longer a glutton and I am in control of my hunger. How am I supposed to try to find a date if I start looking like Miss Piggy?

Day 5 -Friday Hit the pool for an easy 30 min swim - 1500 yards I paid no attention to splits, in fact I left my watch in my bag. Aqua running- Agh! I wanted to run this morning but figured day 5 might be too soon. I think it's a good idea to get my muscles moving but don't want to force impact and extra fatigue at this point, so I aqua ran - easy 15 minutes. Who would have ever thought I would choose to aqua run? Must be smart about recovery.

Now I just need to figure how to stay in "recovery" mode through a 3-day weekend.

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Britt said...

You had an awesome day and deserve some rest! Take it easy this weekend and enjoy the time off :)