Thursday, September 17, 2009

Autumn is in the air....running season begins.

I started my run out this morning in a fog of darkness. No I'm not talking about my mind, although that could easily be questioned...I'm referring to the weather. The sky was dark, the ground was chilly, covered in fog and dusted with orange and yellow dying tree leaves. I focused on the pleasant weather change for most of the run as my body was not enjoying the motion of running. My upper body was tight and sore from the swim workout the night before. I kept having to check my posture as my heavy shoulders wanted to roll forward. My shins and feet have also been a bit argumentative the last few days. I politely told them to STFU as I continued to run onward. I was happy to be finished. 8.2 miles - 8:20 pace.

The commute into work was brisk. Running in the cold/fog I don't mind so much but I'm not a fan of biking in it. Commuting is starting to wear me down. Although I don't have to ride far to work it takes a lot of extra preparation...and frankly sometimes my quads don't like climbing up that stupid hill after said morning training.

I got my new Brooks running shoes today, yay!
Adrenaline ASR 6 - for trails and road

Racer ST 4 -track/tempo and race shoes - the laces are actually threaded with sparkly gold, they're offically BADASS

Can't wait to test both shoes out!

Finished the night off with happy hour sushi with mom - great way to end the day.

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