Tuesday, September 29, 2009


5:30am run- Brrrrr, it was dark and chilly this morning.
10.6 miles - 1:22 / 7:45 avg - PE easy. My new Timex Ironman Racer HRM battery died within the first few weeks :(. Then the buttons died when I replaced the batter, so alas I'm w/out a HRM until I can suck it up and pay retail for a Polar. I LOVE my new Brooks Adrenaline. The shoes are seriously badass. I can't remember the last time I ran a decent clip, effortlessly for so long. It feels good.

I got home right as the rain started. As I left to bike to work the rain stopped. Luck of the draw! Going home I was not so fortunate as the sky pissed down upon me. I though I was trapped in a monsoon! But of course my sweet lemonade was made when I rode into a beautiful rainbow. Now this is what riding in the rain is all about!

I opted to be a bit of a glutton and sloth for the rest of the evening devouring phenomenal PCG Kung Pao calamari and an oh-so-delicious tiramisu martini, the company wasn't bad either. :)

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