Saturday, September 26, 2009

Now this is my kind of Saturday

After 3 1/2 loooooong days in Vegas I finally got to sleep in. 8 solid hours. Wrapped up in my goose down comforter, lying on top of the clouds of my pillow top mattress, hugging Naomi (stuffed tiger....stop snickering) was just what the doctor ordered. I dilly-dallied the morning away with breakfast, unpacking and Pilates.

Afternoon run -
I met up with Ali for a run up Leif Erickson. The plan was to run 90 minutes or 10 miles, which ever came first. I wore my Brooks Adrenaline's for the first time and figured if I started to experience "new shoe" break in pain I'd turn back 30 minutes in, but luckily I never felt it. I heart these shoes. 10 miles came before 90 minutes so I turned around. Finished on an easy, comfortable 8:40 avg. This run was amazing. The sun was out and the temp was perfect. The shade was cool and breezy while the exposed areas were filled with the suns warmth. Autumn is upon us. The leaves on the trees are dying and gracing us with their spectacular orange and red beauty. It is fair to say I had a phenomenal runners high. Ali and I recovered at Starbucks with coffee and good conversation.

Afternoon swim - Post coffee came a much needed swim.

1 x 500 warm up

1 x 250 paddles
2 x 25 kickboard
repeat 4 x

Main Set
1 x 1000

I had intended on doing an ascending ladder but found 50y into it my tummy wasn't feeling it. I was caloric deprived and my tummy was twisting and knotting in the pool. I was highly energized and maybe a bit jacked up from the Pikes Place coffee but calories were lacking and this was apparent as my stomach started to consume itself for the next 20 or so minutes. The long distance stretch was a desired one as I allowed my brain to wonder off and day dream. If you haven't tried day dreaming during a swim I highly suggest it. I wish I was able to record all the random, odd things that run through my head. I only remember and post maybe 1/2. My mind can be a very good place :)

Total yardage - 2700

Finished with a detoxifying 15 min sauna, which I almost think I passed out in.

Recovered with a friend and sushi!

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