Saturday, September 12, 2009

Riding into the falls and back

Today was my first (real) ride on Carnage since IMC. The plan was to do a 50 miler out and back but once Jeremy and I hit Women's Forum we decided to ride on down to Multnomah Falls to add some additional climbing and bring the mileage up to 68.
I was feeling good at mile 25 and enjoying the time on my baby girl I wanted to ride it out. I managed watts well and during the ride my legs never felt "done". I think it helped having someone to talk to during the climbs, they came and went pretty fast and easy. During the last bit along Marine Drive, fatigue set in. I think Marine Drive is an energy sucking vortex, that stupid straightway always tires me out and the *light* headwind wasn't helping anything. Lucky for me I had someone to draft off of :)
Finished feeling pretty good, a bit tired but good. I'm really happy I got and enjoyed such a beautiful day/ride.

Ride data
Riding Time 3:55
68 miles - approx 3000 ft of climbing
Max HR 178 / Avg HR 147 (things are coming back to normal :))
Max Watts 339/ Avg norm watts 153/ Avg watts 139

I came home and seriously passed out for 90 minutes, I awoke zombie like. I think if you asked I wouldn't have been able to tell you my own name. My right quad is throbbing. Why did this not happen during the ride. How was I supposed to know DOMS would come back and bite me in the ass...or say quad. Eh, I'm sure some quality time with the foam roller, rolling pins and the "sick" will work everything out. Got to get my legs happy again so that they can dance the night away!

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