Monday, September 28, 2009

Swimming Inferno

Warm up
1 x 500

2 x 25 - kickboard
1 x 200 - 50 A-ok/50 fist/ 50 karate/ 50 hard, fast, sprint
2 x 25 - kickboard
1 x 200 - 50 A-ok/50 fist/ 50 karate/ 50 hard, fast, sprint

4 x 50 - 25 one arm catch up/return 25 with high elbows

Main Set
1 x 200 - first 100 hard & fast/ last 100 easy (positive split); 10
1 x 200 - first 50 easy/ 100 hard & fast/ 50 easy (even split); 10
1 x 200 - first 100 easy/ last 100 hard & fast (negative split); 10
repeat 3 x

Cool down
1 x 500

Total yardage 3500

Swim felt fan-freaking -tastic! I had a lot of energy and took it out on my main set. The negative split going into a positive split with a ;10 rest is always a b&^$#. I never feel fully recovered, but I suppose that is the point. 1800y with only ;90 is a good go. Pull-glide-Pull/breath...over and over and over again. I love going anaerobic in the water. Something about being deprived of oxygen under water is euphoric.

I left my spoon at home. I hate when that happens. I was stuck eating my yogurt concoction cavewoman style with my hands. Apparently this was amusing for the dudes in car next to me, as I looked over they are all starring. Seriously? Take a picture, it will last longer. I only dropped yogurt on myself once :) Go me!

As the day went on my lats started to burn, by 2 they felt like a ragging inferno. Oh how I love swim!

Rain is a commin'. Since I've kind of grown used to bike commuting I figured it was time to pick up fenders. Hopefully they will keep the black strip off my back and my tail dry.

Woot! Woot! My blog has 10,000 hits. Apparently people like to read my crazy antics. Although I think Joe's crash gave me extra publicity.

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