Sunday, September 27, 2009

Riding up Pumpkin Ridge

Oregon graced us with another beautiful day for a ride. Joe and I decided to climb Pumpkin Ridge. He had never gone all the way up and I can't recall the last time I did it as a social climb.
The first half, well 2/3 of the ride was awesome. Moderate climbing went by quickly with great conversation. Here's a pic of Joe and I at the top. Can you tell who is who?

Again we stop to take pics at the Washington Grange where apparently dancing is held. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of dancing goes on there.

Pumpkin Ridge is a steady 5-6 mile climb with a constant grade between 3%-4%. Usually it's a ton of fun to descend upon but today not so much. Joe and I where flying down somewhere around 20-25 mph when this loud, large dog comes running out into the street at us. It all happened so quickly. There was no time to think, only to react. I break hard and steer off to the side. The dog runs up barking at me. All I can think is it's going to bite my leg. Instead it turns and runs back at Joe and I hear him go down. I stop and go back to see what happened. As from what he described (Joe you're welcomed to chime in here since it happened in your eyes) the dog turned back and he endo'd over the dog. OUCH! I was worried is was uber injured. For one he didn't respond right away and two he was covered in blood. Road rash on the legs, hands, shoulder and ouch - cheekbone. There may have been other places that I'm missing. The owner of the dog comes out of his house and call the dog back but never came out to see if we were ok. WTF?!?!?!?!? Seriously! I yell back at the owner they needed to control their dog. I got nothing in response. Joe needed to be cleaned up, he was bleeding a lot. The owner should have came out and helped rectify the situation. We rode down to the bottom and asset the situation. Joe said he felt "ok" - maybe we rode a few more hills on the way back. I'm glad we didn't length the ride at all, like he suggested as his injury got worse as time went on.
I held off from posting your bloody pic Joe, not sure how comfortable you were with that.
And here it is

We cleaned up and recovered at McMennamins over tasty sandwiches and a few hard ciders.

Ride Data
33.3 miles
2:00 hrs
Max HR 175/ Avg HR 152
Max Watts 354/ Avg normalized watts 167/ Avg watts 152
Avg 30 min power - 180 - not the best but I wasn't on a "training ride" so to speak.


Joe Tysoe said...

Oh no problem post the gory pics..

cherelli said...

oh man I just HATE loose dogs, it's something I think about all the time around here running and cycling and it pisses me off. Can't believe the owner didn't come out, ignorant SOB. Glad you found cider to recover with.