Sunday, September 13, 2009

24hrs dazed and confused

Saturday 6:30ish - It all started with these bad boys [url][/url]

10:30ish - Downtown we went, onto a mission of drunken foolery. The rest of the night was pretty hazy. I remember some things, others not so much. One too many Four Loko's.

Around 11:45 we took our drunken tails home. I feel asleep on the MAX. Thankfully Jesse and Mark stayed awake and we were able to get off at the right stop.

12:30ish - Mark returns with free Wendy's and leaves a cheeseburger on the bed I was sleeping on.

5:00am - I awake next to a cheeseburger. Mmmmm, cheeseburger. Am I dreaming? I take a bite to find out. Mmmm, a cold fast food cheeseburger. It was the best, I think I devoured it in sub 2 mins. Back to bed.

8:00am - Damn this freaking room is too hot. My tummy doesn't feel right. Was it the Four Loko's? The cheeseburger? The heat? It was all of the above. I got up took a Salt Stick and a glass of water with some vitamin I and laid back down for another hour. Oh yes, I also start my Pepto repeats.

10:30am-ish- Mark made the BEST blueberry pancakes with peach syrup. Absolutely amazing. I get to hear the odd yet funny free Wendy's story.

12:00 - I get home and take an incredible 90 min power nap.

3:30pm - I meet up with Mark for what was supposed to be a 90 min easy trail run. Easy my ass. First off I'm still hungover. All day I took in Salt Stick, water and several douses of Dr. Pepto. The 6 coats of Pepto lining my stomach helped things out as I had no digestive issues, I think this was the one good thing about the run. Sweating out the toxins was good too, I suppose. We ran from The Japanese Rose Gardens up the Zoo and onto Wildwood, up along Pittock Mansion (looong ass uphill!) and then down to Lower McClay Park. Stayed on Wildwood to fire lane 1 which dropped us on to Leif Erickson. I was really dizzy at the beginning of the run. This is normal as I usually experience vertigo [url][/url] on trails, and the fact I was hung over wasn't helping anything. The climbs up to the ZOO and Pittock Mansion sucked serious ass. My HR peaked at 190, it was hot and humid and I felt like I was going to vomit, ugh. BUT after those climbs I felt much better! I think I had finally sweat all the Four Loko's out. I felt pretty good until 80 minutes in. At this point we should have only had 10 more minutes to go, but apparently Mark has no perception of distance because we were still along ways out...but I didn't know this because he kept feeding me fibs "oh, Fire Lane 1 is just over there", "3/4 of a mile more". Dude you said 3/4 of a mile when we reached 53rd at mile 8 3/4, we didn't hit the Fire Lane until we were passed mile marker 11!!!! I had planned enough nutrition and hydration for a 90 min run, not the 2:15 duration we needed up being out there. I started to get really dizzy and felt pukey 1:45 in, luckily I brought along an extra GU. I ran out of water 2:05 in. At this point we had dropped down on to Leif Erickson, which was supposed to be mile 1 1/2 (yes Mark, you did say 1 1/2 previously) but was really mile marker 3. 3 more miles to go and I have no fuel or water. Agh! The rest of the run was down hill. I kept my head down (mental defeat), lifted up my chest and shoulders, opened up my stride and just ran for the the end of the trail. Every so often a runner would pass by me going up and I would contemplate jumping them for their bottled water. In the end I opted against this, only because I didn't have the energy to take someone down. Lucky for Mark because if I had anything left to spare I so would have kicked his ass. We finished the run at 2:15 - 45 minutes longer then anticipated....not so hot for a 2 week post IM run run, hung over in humidity. Still, I'll think of the positive - what doesn't kill us makes us stronger....or will leave me to kill Mark on another day.
Mark's Garmin data IE his splits/HR but it shows the distance and elevation gain- [url][/url]

6:30ish - 24 hours later.....Ravenously ate recovery food at The Stepping Stone. Dizziness is gone, things are ok again :)

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