Saturday, September 5, 2009

None Training Saturday?

I didn't know these existed!

I slept in until 10am! And I'm not sick! I didn't think this was possible, maybe hell has frozen over. Can someone check for me? I'm sure staying up until 2am drinking mojito's, hot coco and rum and playing.....shall I say it? Super Nintendo! helped a bit. Apparently I have to work on my gaming skills because I suck ass. 10 minutes in and my thumbs hurt from finger mashing, my eyes hurt from watching the damn alien dude run around and my mind is tired from trying to understand all the buttons and actions of the game. This is a whole different kind of endurance, one I was lacking.

After a lazy morning of sleeping in I got up and got my Pilates on. Then I went for a 30 min run in the pouring down rain. It was not a drizzle, it was not a shower, the rain was coming down in buckets and I enjoyed every minute of it. I originally was going to go for an hour but decided to end it after the first loop. 25 minutes in I noticed a few sore joints and a tweak or two of fatigue in my calves. No need to rush recovery. I also wanted to save my legs for tonight - I'm sure after a couple hours of salsa dancing they will feel worked.

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