Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Take my breath away

$%#$%#$@#!@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^%##$%@$^#$#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STUPID, STUPID west hills!
I partook in the normal PDX Wed night tri club and it handed me my aSS! My energy has returned back to normal and the muscle fatigue has been gone for about a week now. The ride would be short and I figured I could handle approx 800 little measly ft in 2.8 miles....think again Kat, think again. Now that being said I did make it up the climb without stopping but it kicked my ass to the freaking moon. My HR stayed between 175 and maxed out at 190. Perviously I'd never gotten about 176 on that hill. WTF? The F^%# is my HR yelling at me to sit the ^%$@ down and give myself more rest. My Oh My - I was gasping for air. I just need to find a guy who will take my breath away like the hills do....but that's for another day. I was thankful to see the boys had waited at the top of the hill as I might have needed Life Flight to fly me home. Once I was able to breath again we took the Skyline rollers down to Thompson and back. The rest of the ride was easy breezy. I'm glad I got my ass handed to me tonight, better on a short ride then the longer one I'll do on Saturday, which will now be modified with easier intensity IE less climbing :)

A little power data for the Power Freaks
Distance - 15 miles
Max HR 190/ Avg HR 151
Max Watts 432/ Nor avg wats 178!/ avg watts 142 (my 20 min power zone held 209 watts! and 30 mins was 200 watts...I love Training Peaks Software)

BTW - I drove home into the most beautiful sunset.

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