Sunday, September 20, 2009

Man Cakes - It's what's for dinner

Saturday was another long night after a long training workout

*Lindsay and I caught up over a couple of glasses of red bloody pig's wine. $4 at Trader Joes and I was told to "let it breathe for an hour" Ha!
*Jesse, Mark, Jess and Scott loaded up on home made taco's (once again Mark, you're an amazing cook) and then went on to MASSIVE Tequila shots. Mmmmm, rock salt
*Once our tummy and minds were right we headed down to Aztec Willies for another night of salsa lessons.
*Mr. Sutton - your "arrogance" paid off as you learned salsa quickly and rocked good dance moves.
*Once again I was drawn to the short hispanic man...same dude as two weeks ago, I really need to remember his name. Another night he swept me off my feet, literally dipped and spun me off my feet...I don't know how I didn't end up on my ass. Hehe, he introduced me to some of the club promoters and musicians as the "lioness" as I wore my hair down and it resembled a lions mane. I was not scolded as many times as last, maybe I'm picking this salsa thing up?
*I think my favorite salsa move thus far is when your partner locks your arms around theirs and the two of you are intertwined. It's really cool. The dips and spins come in close behind. I spun so much I could have be an ad for the TOPS toys.

*Mark - you get another badass point for carrying me down the street as your sprinted. Dude you flew, do you have turbo jets on your shoes? And if you do, can I borrow them?
*After a few Margarita's, lots of dancing and sweating it was time for food. Man-Cakes! Here's a link to a recap of what exactly Man-Cakes are -
*I advised Scott and Jesse to share a stack with me....but nooooo, everyone wanted 2 for themselves. I fully warned them how big they were before ordering.
*Apparently the Man-Cakes scared Scott as he felt the need to hold me hand as he started eating. Ha! I look over at Mark (the only one who didn't get a man-cake *ahem) and he had almost finished his steak and eggs. I think I may have heard him growling ate his plate as he ate...although I can't be quite sure.
*The Man-Cakes were soooooo large that as we poured syrup it ended everywhere. I often used the table to dip a man-cake. I suppose we could have used Scott's lap as he later discovered a pool of syrup on his pants - the next day. Lmfao!
*No one finished all of their man-cakes (only a short stack, not the grand enchilada). I think I made the biggest dent eating 2/3. I heat man-cakes.
*The night ended off with 8 oz of water and a salt stick.

For the life of my fitness I need to stop drinking. I think killed the hangover before it was ever created, thank you salt stick, h2o and vitamin I. But what I couldn't control was my 6 am automatic mental alarm clock. I was able to roll back asleep for another 2 hours to bring me to 6 hours on intermittent crap-tastic sleep.
Later that day........Mark, Scott and I went on an "easy" bike ride around Sauvie's Island. Easy my ass. I was soooo freaking tired. I was then reminded as to why I never ride at Sauvie's past noon - WIND. Wind from every direction. I had Mark in front of me and Scott on the side - as I checked my power tap trying to find out which direction the wind was coming from and how to draft. It was pointless....the wind had a mind of it's own and kept switching positions. Agh! The easy 30ish mile ride handed me my tail, thankfully I was not alone.

Ride Data - 32 miles
Duration - 1:47
Max HR 164/ Avg HR 138
Max watts 291/ Norm avg watts 156/ Avg watts 146

Now it's time to end a fun, eventful, exhausting weekend. I'm tired, but would I do it again? Damn skippy.
Looking forward to Interbike this week. Hot weather in Vegas, Hot guys and even Hotter BIKES!!!!!

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