Friday, September 25, 2009

Interbike Recap

Somethings can be disclosed, others can not....some things will only remain in Vegas.
With that being said here are a few highlights -

*Running the Vegas strip at 6am. There were a lot of runners out, you could tell there was an athletic convention. I ran past a dude 20 minutes in, he yells out..."Hey now, you're making me look bad." I respond back "I'll slow down for you :)" and got my self a hot little running partner. The air was so dry you could hardly tell that I was a grade-A sweating machine. 48 mins 5.5 miles in the new ST 4s. How many people get to run with their boss?
*Breakfast Buffet at Grand Lux - custom made egg white omelet's with serreno chilies. Fresh, sweet, juicy fruit. Hot oatmeal and yummy granola with almonds - mmmm, recovery bliss!
*Met with many vendors - lots of cool stuff to see. - excited for the Shebeest S'11.
*Luna has some beautiful Merino wool base layers with pretty orient prints. Their Epiphany Knicker is uber sexy, fine lines and faux sheer fabric.
*Took some time to check out the Ordu and the Plasma - drooooool.
*My boss and I got all "dolled up" for dinner and dancing later in the evening. The two of use walking in 3-4 inch heels was quite the sight to see. There were a few close calls but luckily neither of us fell. I HATE high heels! Next time I may just rock my Brooks in my 1940's satin fish tail dress. You think I could pull it off?
*Dinner at Tao with Gore Bikewear. The pecking duck was amazing, as was the Orient Express and Sakatini's. Gore came international with some of their reps from Germany. It was cool to hear about business from their side of the globe.
*Party at Blush at the Wynn with the Rock Racer Boys. Open bar! 3 extra dirty martini's and 2 lemon drops later I was a lit Kat. The DJ was playin jammin music but no one was my boss and I got out on the dance floor and got the party started. My hips have a mind of their own, and that was apparent when I broke out the salsa. So much fun!
*Lucky me - I found an Ironman *ahem* to mingle with. What a cutie-pie! Credentials checked out the next morning. What's the chance of meeting another IM at a dance club?
*1:30am, 9 martini's later and it was time to call it a night. I did have to get up and work in 4 hours!

*Awoke without a hangover! How was that possible? Although my head didn't hurt and I didn't feel ill. I did suffer from major fatigue. 4 hours is not enough sleep to go off of when I have to "shop" a convention for 9 hours. Oh the humanity!
*A lot of the day was in a blur of fatigue. I'm lucky I have such a funny boss, as she kept my energy up for most of it.
*Hincapie has a very attractive S'10 line up. Love the colors and style lines.
*I heart Gore Bikewear and all of their reps - such great people. Gore is so innovative in their bike apparel, they're a huge asset to the hard weather riders.
*Sidi gave out Champagne and cake for their 50th anniversary, pretty glittery tee's too! How I was able to start drinking again was beyond me.
*Dinner was spent with the good company of our Sidi rep - I'm a lucky girl yet again. Luck be a lady tonight!

*Once again I joined my boss for another run on the Vegas strip. This time there were not a lot of runners out. Last day of Interbike, I figure most partied it up the night before or went home early. I decided to do a little cross training and would run up the 4 square block stairs. By the 3rd block I started to wonder what I was thinking, running up stairs is hard. On the way back some drunk man stopped and turned in front of me. This resulted in beer spillage, all over me. No apology. He just stood their and stared at his beer. F%^#stick. Onward I ran, into the sunrise, smelling of beer. 55 minutes 6 miles.
*Breakfast with Louis Garneau was fun. I always enjoy talking apparel. It is my personal goal to get a tri apparel company to come up with a one piece technical endurance race suit with a high supportive de-attached bra. It will happen! One day!
*Previewing and offering input Sugoi's spring 2011 line was BADASS. How many people get to do that? Not many! Sugoi has a very attractive product designer. I'm not sure if I was more fixated on him or the clothes.
*BlueSeventy has revised the Helix for 2010. The arm panels are thinner 1mm vs 1.5mm and have a skin like waterproof materiel on the inner forearm.- I'm excited and now want an upgrade :)
*Interbike came to an end.
*My flight was delayed and I was left sitting at the airport for 4 hours :(. Thank goodness for internet and alcohol.

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