Friday, July 3, 2009

Vitamin D does a body good

67ish mile ride from Edgefield out to Bull Run and then some - 9000+ ft of elevation gain

Nice little recovery ride :) Seriously, I took it pretty easy. I may have gotten out of the saddle once or twice but for the most part I was glued down. It was hot today, something like 95 and we were riding in it by 3 o'clock. Today nutrition/hydration was managed well. I stuck with Malto 80kcal every 20-30 mins along with massive salt sticks. In the end I consumed 760kcal, expended 2300 kcal and took in 2300mg of sodium along with somewhere around 150 oz of water...not counting the water we hijacked.
Max watts 386 (see, I was a good girl)/Avg watts 127 - normalized avg 150

Ride highlights
*Vitamin D - it was a beautiful day!
*Watching Mark antagonize every animal we rode by. We had a cow charge at us! Thankfully there was electrical barb wire to stop it.
*Climb after climb after climb - it was actually pretty badass, except for the last one. The last long climb had no shade, straight sun and it was HOT
*Hijacking the water hose, itt's good to have water
*Attempting to cycle-cross our bikes down to the river. Jumping in the river, it was so cold! Utopia!

Ride lowlights
*Booyah! Didn't have any :) ...ok wait, I did have fear when we rode underneath some power lines and you could hear them sizzle.

Post ride we recovered at McMennamins with a pint of beer/hard cider and cajunized tots.

On to work#2 -
1 hour open water swim - sans wetsuit
It was just too damn hot to wear a wetsuit so I just swam in my swimsuit. Again I took it easy, by the end of the hour I was body is tired.

Recovered with Mark's kickass lasagna, thanks for sharing.

Now I'm going to lay my head dow on my blissful pillow and hope to get some solid sleep. I've got to get up early for a very long run before it gets to hot again!

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