Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good work/Bad workout

Attempted to go to bed early so that I could get a little ride in before work and before it got too hot. I was able to fall asleep around 9pm (yes I have a bed time like a child, which reminds me. I used to beg my parents to stay up til 8:30 or 9:00pm at night so I could watch Nick at Night - Mr. Ed, I loved that talking horse!) I woke up around 11pm with welts on my legs. My heat hives were getting worse. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some Benadryl and took a cold shower. Back to bed by 11:30. Awake again at 2am - another cold shower, and back to bed by 2:30am.

My alarm went off at 5am and I felt like I had slept for days. My heat hives were gone. Yay! I quickly took down some breakfast, got dressed and Carnage and I hit the open road...

72 degrees/53% humidity - really? Are you kidding me? I was coated with sweat within 10 minutes of my ride, it was utterly disgusting. Since the last few morning rides I've learned to map my routes out a little better. Today I had 9 miles before the first big hill climb, enough time for my mind wake up and my muscles to warm up. The first couple miles were flat until I hit West Union for minimum to moderate rollers. I then went on to climb up Pumpkin Ridge. Power up Pumpkin was pretty good. I decided to make the most of my energy and stay in the big ring for duration of the climb. I even got my lazy tail out of the saddle and attacked a handful of hills. I reached the end of the climb and felt amazing! I felt refreshed, happy, giddy, energetic, grateful! I had so many joyful emotions it's hard to describe them all. I decided it was a good time to take a picture of my view

The descent was BADASS. I could pedal through with some kind of resistance for most of it and the curves were wide enough they didn't freak me out. Once I hit the bottom I decided to head out to Shadybrook and the back around on Jackson School Road to West Union and home. This was a pretty cool ride as it was filled with so many memories.
*My first few rides ever riding my bike with TNT. Lol, I rode right by my famous "swamp ditch" :)
*The Hulaman bike course - racing Hulaman
*Pre-race Hulaman ride that Leslie and I did in 95+ degree heat in which I had a spectacular meltdown
*My first time getting in my aero bars on Cadence while Lindsay was leading a group ride.
*Climbing Pumpkin Ridge with Chris and a few others when it was snowing

I've had a lot of stellar memories along that route. I think rides like this is what IM training is all about.

Ride data
34.2 miles
Riding duration 2:01:11
Caloric expenditure 1033
Caloric intake pre ride 380kcal +400mg of sodium / caloric intake during ride 160kcal of malto + 350mg of sodium
Max HR 167/ avg HR 142
Max watts 336/ Norm avg watts 163/ avg watts 142
Max watts per kg 5.53/ avg watts per kg 2.34

Power % output
17% recovery
8% endurance
56% Threshold
28% Race-max

Evening swim
500 - warm up

1 x 250 paddles;10
1 x 250 buoy; 10
repeat 2 x

It all went downhill from here. Yards into the paddles/buoy drills I got a massive headache, then dizziness and stomach cramping.

2 x 200's -50 A-ok, 50- fist, 50 - karate, 50 free/fast
4 x 25 - kickboard; 30

1 x 500 - turn into my cool down.
I couldn't go on. My body was torn between deciding to make my head explode or twist my stomach into a figure eight, the dizziness was just the icing on the cake.

Total yardage - 2500

I realized as I was driving home this nightmare was caloric and heat induced. I didn't eat enough today. The heat broke me down and killed my appetite which lead me to a catabolic state by workout #2. I've been force feeding myself since I got out of the pool and still don't feel any better. It's hard playing catch up. On the bright side - the heat hives didn't come back this evening, as of yet.

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speedvegan said...

Wow ! You're so lucky to have such great training routes. Sounds like you had a kick-ass ride.

Funny how things are always relative. I would kill for 72 degree weather. At 5am it is already 80 degrees with 90% humidity here. :-(