Thursday, July 2, 2009

A smile says a thousand words

AM Run - 60 mins easy

I don't recall the last time that I slept as solid as last night. Waking up was hard...I got my full 8 hours in but felt pretty groggy. This feeling lasted for the first half of my run. Energy is lacking. I know this is to be expected after last weekend. I'm rather happy that my strength and building phase is over and I can enjoy the LSD work.

PM swim - Splashed around for 2000 yards :)

I leave you with a picture my friend Kelly took of me right before I changed into my wetsuit for the Pac Crest Olympic - I really like this picture because inside I was scared shitless....yet you can't see it from my smile :)

1 comment:

ironwill said...

Holy 'ole hard body! No fear present...that's awesome. Love the message to Mom down your arm, she must have luv'd that! Really sweet pic, thanks for sharing ;) Hope you have a gr8, and safe July 4th.