Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back to the grind

AM Swim
Normally I would break out my swim details by warm up/drills/mainset BUT this workout was a thoughtless recovery (mental recovery) so it's 90% drills without any kind of mainset. I also didn't limit myself on rest time, if I was tired I held on to the wall for awhile, reasoning behind 3200 yards taking my slow ass 1:05 to do.

1 x 500 - easy

5 x 100 - paddles
1 x 50 - one arm glide
4 x 50 - out/catch up, return/high elbow finger drah
1 x 250 - buoy
1 x 200 - easy
1 x 50 - one arm glide
1 x 250 - buoy
1 x 200 - 50 A-ok, 50 Fist, 50 Karate, 50 Sprint Free
1 x 500 - moderate
3 x 100 - sprints

1 x 200 - cool down

Total yardage 3200

Evening Run - 8.5 miles/ 8:05 pace - avg HR 157 (80 degree heat)/ PE -easy
Tonight I decided to run in my Nike LunarRacer's. I haven't ran more then a 10k in these and would like to see what I can do without compromising stability. I usually do this loop in the morning and with a PE of easy avg around 9's - 9:30s. I think today's run shoes proves what a difference weight makes. My Triax 12's (normal run shoe or at least trail shoe) weighs somewhere around 11 oz - they are heavy. The Lunar's weigh just over 4 oz..which in return cut my avg mile down by over a full minute. I did experience muscle cramping tonight but I don't think it was shoe related. My left abductor cramped up at my turn around point and the muscle knotted and grew as I ran home. I'm 99% sure this was from the long bike ride this weekend as the abductors were the only muscle group in my legs to have DOMS. Monday my muscles felt fine as did today, reasoning as to why I decided to run. I'm hoping ice and marble rolling pin will help get this knot out, it hurts like a mother%^$%#.

Highlights of my run
*Running in the evening sun
*Running around Nike and gazing at all the beautiful men running with glistening bodies and no shirts. Yay for no shirts!
*Running a decent clip with no effort

Low lights
*Knot in abductor
*Almost getting hit not once, not twice, not three times BUT 4 FRICKENING times! All by cars that tried to take their "free" right without coming to a stop or LOOKING. The one I was most surprised with was the guy rolling out of the Nike headquarters. Could you imagine if the dude hit me? 5 o'clock news - Nike employee hits runner on his way out of work. WTF?!

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