Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Barefoot running, choppy waters and becoming sushified

Am Run

I <3 chasing the sun as it's rising, somehow it always wins. :) Why the hell was it hot out at 5am? Can someone explain this to me? I opted to do an hour long loop from my house. My weekday runs are usually 75-90 minutes long but since my muscles have been "overly-sensitive and whinny" lately I decided to play it safe and do an easy 30 out and back. If my legs felt ok I'd go back out for longer. Safe then sorry, right? My upper body felt sore and heavy but as I ran by the store windows I noticed it did not affect my run posture/form. I pulled out a negative split finishing at 56 mins - 6.6 miles 8:30 pace. I ran in the house, quickly removed my shoes and finished up a 25 minutes barefoot run. Running on the freshly watered grass felt soooo good on my feet, I think it lowered my core body temp as well. I was forced to run slower as A. I had to watch for sticks and twigs and stuff and B. Had to run on the sidewalk for short portions - ouch! Another 2.75 miles added at a 9 min pace. When I returned home my feet were a tad bit sore, the sidewalk hurt. But after an hour or so they went back to normal. I <3 running barefoot!

Total mileage - 9.35 miles

Evening OW swim - 30 mins - ok, ok, really only 28
My swim tonight was pathetic. Swam off of Sauvie's Island in the Columbia. Tested out a new AquaSphere mask, it was a photocromatic mask that I had hoped to wear for IM. That's not going to happen as I realized my face is too narrow and couldn't get a seal. My friend was kind enough to let me use his goggles for the workout. Ha! If one might even call it a workout. I suppose the first 1/2 was but the way back was a cluster$%@$. A huge barge drove by which created big waves. At first I found it to be fun, but that was short lived as I kept hitting the waves wrong and ended up with lungs full of water. Once the barge was far enough away you would think the waves would die down - but they didn't! The wind was picking up one way and the currant another which made some choppy water. I was disappointed I didn't have the desire to go back out and do more. My lungs burned and I was down. The only thing that made me feel better was the fact Roxy aka "the dog" had to get out of the water several times as it was too rough for her, she's a good swimmer too!

Anywho, I finished my night off becoming sushified. I couldn't swim with the fish so I choose to eat them instead :)

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