Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lazy Sunday

After 4 hours of sleep and a spectacular 4th of July I found my way home :) managed to get an additional 2 hour power nap.

The afternoon was spent being lazy on Sauvie's Island. I swam about an hour of open water. At first I was going to swim sans wetsuit but after being in the water a couple minutes I found it to be too cold. Not only that but the currant was strong, I was tired and rockin a hangover, I needed the security blank. To give you an idea of how strong the Columbia currant was it took us 32 mins going out only 16 mins to come back. Experienced "real" open water as Roxy (Mark's dog) swam over me and kept tickling my toes, it was pretty badass to have a dog swim by your side, she's a strong swimmer. Mark, maybe she could each you a thing or toe :) J/K!

Post swim I laid out on the beach and took another Kat nap. Finished the island adventure with blueberry picking.
"Oompa loompa doo-ba-dee-doo
I’ve got a perfect puzzle for you
Oompa loompa doo-ba-dee-dee
If you are wise you’ll listen to me"
Hehe, For every blueberry Mark picked 5 went into his stomach...I was pretty sure he was going to turn into a blueberry by the end of the night. I haven't heard from him since so this is very well possible. Kat 2.5lbs of blueberrys - Mark 1lb. Muahaha You may have owne me on the cherry pit spitting contest but I walked away with all the blueberries!

The best way to end a lazy and relaxing day is at Gustav's for a massive Bratwurst - when a girl craves a sausage she's got to have it. Go BIG or Go home! :D

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ironwill said...

200 miler just a few days away?