Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

The Good - Saturday LSD 3.5 hour run along the Wildwood Trails.
Approx 20 miles - avg HR 150
Focus on run was to
A. run slow
B. run the duration
C. feel good
Mission accomplished

I recovered with a much need ice bath. My legs thanked me greatly.
With little to no peer pressure I tried a Four Loko's

which turned me into this

Juego loco Kat
Washed down the Four Loco with 2 Cadillac Margarita's - ceviche and fish taco's - not sure if this was the prime recovery food it forced me into a Kat nap -

The Bad & Ugly - Sunday 80 mile ride starting at The Kennedy School riding up to Larch Mnt and back down.

I don't think this ride would have gone UGLY if I hadn't left my two bottles (800kcal) of premade malto and salt sticks at home in my refrigerator. This mishap thew me into a little panic. I had malto in the back of my car, but it was not measured and I had no clue how much to use. The bottles I was left with were 4 oz shorter then my norm and I don't measure malto via a scooper, I use a gram scale. I throw a couple scoops into each bottle, hoping it is enough. So now I had the calories but I was shit out of luck for sodium. I can not go without sodium, I sweat entirely too much. My riding partners stopped at a Plaid Pantry with me 20 miles in. I was looking for Pedialyte, which they did not have so I opted for a salt shaker. Table salt - Ick, but it would have to make due. Seth saved me with a picked salt pack a bit later. Now I have malto and sodium and am ready to move onward. I took the climb up Larch (approx 3500ft clinb) very easy and stayed in my saddle. With my recent pain in my quad/abductor I was not trying to push my luck. I reached the top a few minutes after the boys and can honestly say I was whipped. My legs and body were tired. I was a little light headed and at this point didn't think about the caloric deficient I was in. Seth talked us into climbing up to the view point. Out of all the times I've climbed Larch I've never gone up to the view point, I'm glad I did today - it was breath taking.

After a quick rest we moved on to the descent down Larch. This is were my ride got REALLY ugly. I didn't pack arm warmers (it was 85 today!) or a jacket and the descent was 14 miles in the cold shade. As I descended my body shook from A. the cold chills and B. the road vibrations. My back started hurting. I great REALLY tired or staying on bars out of aero. My hands hurt to break, I didn't have the muscular hand power to break anymore - I was too tired. By the time I finally (took me waaay too long) met up with the boys at the bottom I was in poor shape. I had realized I had bonked. My first "bonk" on the bike of the year. I was dizzy and my tummy was growling. At this point I had no idea how deficient I was. My power meter had me at 1900kcal and I think I had taken in somewhere around 500-600 kcal - but really who knows. I sucked down a lot of malto and we continued on our way. The ending descent was much more forgiving. The malto quickly kicked in and I felt a little stronger and lost the dizziness. The end strip along Marine was a little tough. I felt I had decent muscular power left in my legs (as I had never pushed them) but my upper body had taken a toll and I felt as if I had a dagger sticking into my right shoulder blade. Sitting up helped but this was not an option with the head wind, so I stayed aero and just kept telling myself to suck it up.
I was uber happy to reach the car and opted out of my planned brick. I needed food and didn't want to piss my body off more then it already was. Instead I opted to recover with a fat-ass cheeseburger. Mmmmm, cheeseburger never tasted so well.

Post ride I was a little disturbed with my performance. Am I starting to over train? Or was this just a workout gone bad off of poor nutrition? Seth said he thought I just had a bad workout and could be pushing through a new fitness wall. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? This made me feel better and after I went home and downloaded my power data I believe he was right. One thing I love about my power meter - wattage does not lie. Regardless of how shitty I felt (via poor nutirion) I still performed and held good wattage. It turns out the "easy" climb up Larch was done at my threshold 90 mins at 170 watts. Without adequate fueling I was bond to bonk - yet still I held the power. I also learned that I can bounce back from bonking. The end of my ride I was still holding good power 150-170 through the head wind.

My apologizes to Seth and Mark for whining so much, thanks for putting up with me :)

Ride data
80 miles - approx 4500 ft of elevation gain
5hrs 20 mins ride time
2690 kcal expenditure - via wattage meter
Max speed 32/ avg speed 15.01 :(
Max HR 159 (this is badass considering I was climbing for 90 mins!)/ Avg HR 125 - I <3 endurance
Max Watts 355/ Normalized avg watts 145/ Avg watts 124

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